John Wick High

John Wick

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The suit is sitting on it is perfect. Weapons fits in your hand like a native. The heart asks for revenge. And Keanu Reeves is ready riddled with bullets the whole city to get insolent, robbed him of the last joy in life. Everyone in town knows that to cross the road to the former killer tied with crime after the death of his wife, is like signing his own death warrant. John Wick is trying to deal with depression, finding solace in the simple joy rides in a car, talking to the dog, and do everything to never use an arsenal, immured in the floor of his bedroom. One presumptuous young man wants to buy John his cool car and, having been refused, stating the night, and take the desired kill any innocent dog. And here John picks off his soft pajamas and again will those who are all so afraid of. Hearing that John Wick returned, spread around the city with sparks speed on safety fuse. Salt intrigue that target, which is currently scheduled stung by the killer, is the son of one influential gangster, and hence the scale of bloodshed is inevitable. “John Wick” can be viewed online.

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