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Favorite arthouse cinema directors John Turturro was born in Brooklyn in 1957 into a family with Italian and Sicilian roots. His father (Italian), worked as a carpenter, and his mother (Sicilian) jazz singer. The family had three sons (John Intermediate), two of which have linked their lives with the actor’s work.
C childhood John parodied film characters, perevoplaschayas in Zorro, the James Bond. Even as a schoolboy, John knew he would be an actor. Apart from cinema John was fond of boxing. After high school, John enrolled at the University of New York. To release from the university, he had on his hands a diploma and a degree in acting, one of the most respected universities in America. However, even though the prestigious diploma in hand, John had to work not on a specialty before getting the role in the movie. John and his father worked in construction and was moonlighting as a bartender. The first role was in the film of John the famous Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull”, the film won an Oscar, and in a big way, John Metropolitan theater and cinema. Turturro received an offer to participate in the formulation of John Shanley “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,” for his work in the play, John was awarded an Obie Award Prize in 1984. After “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” John plays on Broadway in “Death of a sailor.” He becomes a famous theater actor and starts to receive offers to participate in the filming. So in 1984, he played a small role in “The Fighter – 2” and “Boy From Flamingo”.
A year later, he receives an offer to telephoto for “Miami Vice” project, and then it was withdrawn in the company with the Madonna in the film “Vain search for Susan” in the criminal film “To Live and Die in LA”. Tall and stately Turturro is particularly good at the role of nerve characters with mental disabilities, he starred in “Do the Right Thing,” “mother hen”, “Girl No. 6,” and a 1990s becoming the favorite actors of the Coen brothers film directors. Working with the Coen brothers, John starred in their films – “Miller’s Crossing,” “Barton Fink,” “The Big Lebowski” and “O Brother?”. In addition it is constantly invited to film director Spike Lee John played in nine films directed since 1989 (Do the Right Thing) and 2008 (Miracle at St. Anna).
In 1992, John founded his own production company Humperdink Productions. As part of a private company, John creates three films as a director and screenwriter, “Mack” (1992), “Illuminati” (1998) and “Romance & Cigarettes” (2005). “Romance & Cigarettes” to fully disclose Turturro as a director with his handwriting.
C beginning of the millennium Turturro began working with producer and fellow actor Adam Sandler shop, starring in his films “Mr. Deeds,” “You Do not Mess with the Zohan” and “Anger Management.” John also starred in the company Arnold Shvartsneyggerom in “Damages,” after which he, along with Johnny Depp starred in the thriller “Secret Window.” The film is directed by David Koepp is a film version of the Stephen King novel “Secret Window – Secret Garden”. The decision to play in the “Secret window” John took for his eldest son, Amedeo (1990), who is a great admirer of the writer Stephen King. For the role of Cockney Shooter John was nominated for “Saturn” (nominated for Best Supporting Actor).

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