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Biography Of John Mayer
John Clayton Mayer is a popular composer from America, he is also famous as a music producer. John was born in Bridgeport (U.S. Connecticut) in 1977, 16 Oct. The whole family of a young man tied to education. John’s mother Margaret devoted her life to teaching English, dad Richard Meyer was the Director of one of the schools. All in the family John had three children, he was the middle child. Have Mayer has two brothers-senior and Junior: Ben and, accordingly, Carl.
All his childhood, John spent in the small town of Fairfield in Connecticut. All his childhood he was friends with James Blake, who later became a famous athlete tennis player. In school, Meyer had studied the violin and the clarinet. With special zeal and interest the boy did not show. But, on the other hand, his early childhood was fond of playing the guitar. At the age of thirteen he was able to make his dad gave him the opportunity to attend the lessons on this musical instrument. The father appealed to the local store owner muzinstrument to work out with my son. The guitar John had rented.
With regard to love the Blues, she also appeared in the boy in childhood. One day John asked his flatmate the cassette Stevie Vaughan, heard he loved it. Stevie became his real inspiration, John tried his best to be like him, and worked hard. After a while John began to hear sting, Jimmy Hendrix and “The Police”. The first concerts in clubs, the guy started to give at the age of sixteen years. After a while he became a soloist of the group “Villanova Junction”, but it very soon stopped.
A year after reaching adulthood John Mayer became a student at the Boston Berklee ascollada. But he studied only one course, dropped out and moved to permanent residence in Atlanta with his friend and classmate Claim cook. In Atlanta, young people are engaged in the creation of their project, which was called “LoFi Masters”, they were trying to convey to his soul and minds of the audience the music during performances at local Nightclubs. But, unfortunately, the band lasted only a short time. Guys have become often quarrel, for this reason, John decided to go solo sailing.
In the last year of the last century came to light their debut album Mayer, called “Inside Wants Out”. And a year later came the second album, “Room for Squares”, which in a short period of time went platinum, bringing the guy was just huge success and popularity. The song “No Such Thing” included in this album, was recognized as a real mushita. In the same 2000 year, Meyer signed a contract with popular recording Studio Columbia Records. And a year later the light goes out another reissue album “No Such Thing” bonus track.
In a few years, John received his first Grammy award as “best male pop vocal” in the song “Your Body is a Wonderland”. Also in 2003 was recorded the first DVD of John’s concert, which was called “Any Given Thursday”.
The following year was no less successful for a young artist, he became a member of the famous festival “Crossroads Guitar Festival”, which was organized by Eric Clapton. In the project he was involved with popular guitarists whom you admire. In the same year, John began creating his own program on television, “Music Lessons with John Mayer”.
Later, Mayer has already rewarded two awards “Grammy” in the nomination “best male pop vocal” in the category “best composition”. The winner was recognized the song “Daughters”.
It is also worth noting that John is a regular blogger. In contrast, it is the other popular people, he leads their blogs, and they had several. John quite often flashes on the TV screen, taking part in various TV shows.
As for women, they have it is very popular. He met such famous and popular personalities as Jennifer Love Hewitt was, Jessica Simpson, minka Kelly and Jennifer Aniston.

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