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John Leguizamo – American actor and comedian, singer and dancer, writer and producer, who took part in the film Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel “Superbratya Mario”, a dramatic musical, Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge!” And the tragedy “Romeo + Juliet”, in gangster film of Brian De Palma’s “Carlito’s Way”, the cult medical television series Michael Crichton, “ER” in the crime thriller Spike Lee’s “summer of Sam,” a family comedy adventure animation project Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha “Ice Age”, a drama by Mike Newell ” Love in the time of cholera “, fi thriller M. Night Shyamalan’s” phenomenon “, as well as in Ridley Scott’s thriller” Advisor ”
John born July 22, 1964 in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. His parents were Alberto Leguizamo and Laz. According to the actor, his paternal grandfather had mixed Puerto Rican and Italian descent, while the ancestors on the maternal side were Lebanese. John’s father was a struggling filmmaker. In his student years he studied at the world famous Italian film studios “Cinecitta”, but education could not be completed due to lack of funds to pay for it. When Little John was four years old, his family moved to the United States. They settled in New York where the changed location several times, but moved only within Queens, living in one or the other part of it. One of the places of their residence was a house in Jackson Heights, where selilas ethnic Hispanic community. Afterwards he joked Leguizamo on the subject, saying that living in Jackson Heights has made a great contribution to his future acting career. The situation in the area was quite criminal. As a teenager, John could not just go through the park and not be attacked by anyone. I had to think of something to somehow protect themselves. Since he first came up with the idea that a good idea would be ridiculous in the eyes of others. This became the basis for a future role in the comedy actor Leguizamo career. At first, John was a high school student Joseph Pulitzer Middle School. He later enrolled at Murry Bergtraum High School, where he wrote the first comedy script that tested on classmates. Even then, peers have recognized the future actor most talkative student in the school. Immediately after graduating from high school Leguizamo enrolled at New York’s School of Arts Tisch School of the Arts, where he began to study acting. By the end of training, he already had a firm belief that his vocation is a stand-gum. After that, John became a student at the University of Long Island University C.W. Post Campus, where he also took lessons in dramatic art. In the early ’80s Leguizamo made his debut as a stand-up comedian on the stage of one of New York’s nightlife. In 1984, John first took part in the shooting. His debut was a small role in the cult TV series “Miami Vice: Department of manners.” Then he appeared in the video for Madonna on her song «Borderline». This was followed by a succession of film roles: “The military loss,” “Die Hard 2” and “Something About Henry”. The first major work of John in the movie was the main role in the movie based on the video game “Mario Superbratya”. Total Leguizamo has already played more than nine dozen roles in film, he took part in the scoring of several computer games, wrote an autobiography. Now the actor continues to take an active part in various theater productions.

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