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Birthday: 07.08.1944 year
Place of birth: New York, USA
Citizenship: United States
John Glover is a successful actor of theater, film and television. Best of all he likes the role of the sycophantic, treacherous villains; however, not worse he played and the role of the uncouth drunks in ‘Julia’ (1977), the porn Director in ‘Caught a big one’ (1986) and man, dying of AIDS in the episode ‘An Early Frost’ (NBC, 1985) – the last role the actor was nominated for ‘Emmy’.
John Glover was born and raised in Maryland. He first appeared on stage in a production of ‘Look Homeward, Angel’ 1963, in Abingdon, Virginia. The thought of becoming an English Professor, which John quite a long time cherished, Glover finally refused 1963; at this time he began to study the craft of acting at a local theater, and in 1966 graduated from the University of Towson in Maryland with a degree ‘drama’ and moved to new York, to improve their acting and Shine on stage. In 1969 he participated in the very well-known drama ‘A Scent of Flowers’, and three years later, in 1972, a 28-year-old actor won the award for ‘Drama Desk’ for ‘The Great God Brown’ (1972) and first appeared on the scene of Broadway (in ‘The Selling of the President’). Since then busy schedule of TV and movie Glover has always found time for theatre, onstage in new York and Los Angeles.
In 1994, Glover performed two roles (twins-gays, one of whom was infected with AIDS) in one performance – it was the drama ‘Love! Valour! Compassion!’, which brought the actor ‘Tony’.
The actor’s film career began in 1973 with a small role in the film ‘Shamus’. Later he managed one of the scenes of the film ‘Julia’ (when the heroine of Jane Fonda throws at him for the suggestion that she and the title character of the film – lover), and since then Glover has often played cool villains. So it was in the movie ‘Caught a big one’ (1985), and ‘White Knights’ (1985), and the films, ‘Scrooged’ (1988), ‘The Chocolate War’ (1989). And even in polukomediynaya the second ‘Gremlins’ John got the role of a nasty, greedy owner of the estate. And in ‘Night of the Hit Man’ (1994) Glover played the killer.
It was not better and the characters Glover was a stranger to the television screen. In 1983, the villain Glover appeared before the viewers for the first time (in the series ‘Scorched by the fury’). Later, however, Glover proved that it has a multi-faceted talent, including playing in the TV movie ‘An Early Frost’ of a man dying from AIDS. However, even though the character was largely positive, something wicked, depraved still slipped in it. In the movie ‘George Washington’ of the channel ABC, 1984 Glover played General Lee (again – all good, but in matters of execution of orders trust does not always justify). In the series ‘Starting point’ (TNT, 1989) John was a genius – but genius-Nazi. Oh and ‘sweet’ – the role of the psychopath father of ‘David’, where the character Glover, Charles Rothenberg, prefers to burn alive the son – but not to give his mother.
Comparing among new films and television John Glover – ‘Heroes’ (TV series) (2006 – 2009), ‘Brothers and sisters’ (TV series) (2006 – 2009), ‘the Reckoning’ (2006), ‘Sex and violence’ (2005), ‘Number’ (series; ‘4’ – not a typo: in the English version of the series called ‘Numb3rs’) (2005 – 2009), ‘Sweet Union’ (2004), ‘A Kiss at Kerouac”s Grave’ (2004), ‘Tricks’ (2004), ‘Mid-Century’ (2002), ‘Smallville’ (TV series) (2001 – 2009), ‘Law and order. Criminal intent’ (TV series) (2001 – 2008), ‘On Edge’ (2001), ‘the Body’ (2001), ‘Dead Broke’ (1999), ‘Snoops’ (TV series) (1999), ‘Macbeth in Manhattan’ (1999), ‘Payback’ (1999), ‘code of silence’ (TV series) (1998 – 1999), ‘the Broken giant’ (1998), ‘Calling the storm’ (TV movie) (1998), ‘Night killer’ (TV movie) (1997), ‘Batman and Robin’ (1997), ‘Night of the running man’ (1994), ‘Beating at West point: the Tribunal of Johnson Whittaker (TV movie) (1994), ‘Star trek: deep Space 9’ (TV series) (1993 – 1999), ‘the public Enemy’ (1990), ‘Robocop 2’ (1990), ‘Gremlins 2: the New batch’ (1990), ‘moving target’, and more. .

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