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John Cleese

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John Cleese – the world famous British comedian, actor, director, writer and screenwriter, who stood at the origins of the legendary English sextet “Monty Python”.
Having become famous in the seventies on English television, now it is a true living legend, without which today’s humor might have been completely different. The number of television and movies in his acting career confidently approaches two hundred, and the number of projects created from scratch by him as a director and screenwriter defies precise definition. In addition to the four most famous films made in collaboration with the company, among his works there is not obvious, like the story about the people primitive “The Croods,” which was filmed in 2013. John is an integral part of a billion-dollar franchise of James Bond and the young wizard Harry Potter, where he played on the professional spy gadgets, and a ghost, respectively. He has numerous awards and nominations, including the most prestigious nomination is considered on the “Oscar” in 1989 for the film “A Fish Called Wanda.” The actor worked with the equally legendary Jim Henson when creating the “Muppet Show” for which Cleese wrote jokes and scripts.
John Marwood Cleese was born on October 27, 1939 in the most typical English family, which, according to him, could prejudge his entire life. For John Cleese he was very welcome, but due to certain circumstances rather late child. In this regard, all of his childhood and adolescence he even held a tight grip, surrounded by excessive care and moralizing. He did not allow himself any pranks and was always very serious, reserved person. In an interview, John Cleese has admitted that his mother until his death at the ripe old age of a century-old did not stop to teach him life. While studying in college, John first became acquainted with his future colleagues and began working as a writer for a small student show «Footlights». In 1963, in the wake of the success of his early manuscripts he moved to America, where he participated in radio shows, writing for Broadway and first married. Because of the shooting in his first big-budget project «The Frost Report» for Cleese quickly its fame as Britain’s most popular comedian, that he has opened up new prospects. In 1968 he formed the main part of “Monty Python” and in 1969 by comedians loudly declared itself on British television. Despite the fact that the sketch show lasted nearly five years, John Cleese left it after three seasons, taking up mostly solo career. However, he did not refuse to work in the troupe, when it comes to live shows or full-length feature films. Thus in the world rolling out the famous kvadralogiya “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Life of Brian Monty Python” and “The Meaning of Life Monty Python.” In parallel with the shooting in the movie Cleese has continued to cooperate with the BBC channel, where the premiere of his own series called “Fawlty Towers.” At the end of the twelve series of the show has received great appreciation and ratings that culminated later in several BAFTA award-winning. In the late eighties the world know who this “A Fish Called Wanda”, when the picture comedy written and directed by John Cleese, blew up the international charts, paving itself a direct path to the upcoming ceremony “Oscar”. In the nineties, the actor and director firmly settled in Hollywood where they filmed actively blockbusters with stars such as Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Pierce Brosnan. Currently, the actor combines professorship at Cornell University and a rich work in the film industry. He voiced cartoons, which include, for example, “Shrek”, video games, starred in big-budget movies and again acts as a tour with the “Monty Python”, which was a triumphant reunion in 2013.

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