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Quantum Break Action takes place in the near future – in the autumn of 2016. The main character, kind of like a hardened felon Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore), returns home after six years on the run. While he was gone, his old partner in crime Paul Sayrin (Aidan Gillen) founded the corporation “Monarch” and invited Jack to look at a science experiment. In its course, it turns out that this is a real time machine; after a couple of minutes after its launch Gillen hero on your eyes meet himself from the future. Here on the stage suddenly appears your brother: brandishing a gun, he says that Paul Sayrin villain, and the use of the machine will lead to irreversible consequences, which occur approximately at the same moment. The car breaks down, the screen will light white clouds, then we find ourselves in a situation to continue to play the usual: Time hung, and no one, except (for some reason) you are not moving. It was worth to survive fifteen minutes budgetary fiction in the style of the TV channel “sci-fi”! Comparison with soap operas there is no coincidence, as later.
Main villain QB plays Aidan Gillen – author of one of the most compelling images of villainous in recent years. As in the “Game of Thrones”, where he played Pinky, here he sometimes even sympathize with – especially when you take him the important story decisions.
The accident in the lab gives character different abilities – starting with the fact that it does not relate to “hang” time. Becoming a superhero comes lightning: he learns to stop or even slow down time to “freeze” the enemy and almost instantaneous travel over short distances. New talent is there and then use: running from place to crash brothers attacked armed security laboratory, and a shooter begins in the best tradition of Max Payne, adjusted for the new abilities of the hero. Max is opaque hinted at the events of the game, slow down time with medication; Jack Joyce became an unwitting participant in a scientific experiment.
In Quantum Break shootings in the good old-fashioned. Shelters are very conditional, most deteriorating rapidly under fire. The situation effectively shatters into pieces for the tempo: the game does not sit still, urgently requiring the player action. The attempt to bury the enemy of the machine finishes its symbolic explosion and your death: so the game suggests that to sit still is not an option, especially given the opportunities described above. In addition to the game gives him a truly royal gift – from the “frozen” time hero can build a special shelter from the bullets. Shelter is temporary, but again – more than ten seconds to Quantum Break sit still does not make sense.
Prior to Quantum Break release was hard to believe that this is a shot from the gameplay. But since the game looks really.
Although tied to the time management games have roughly the same number of fantastic stories about a time machine in Quantum Break sights on a little more. In short, the game excellent special effects: at critical moments Quantum Break time not only freezes and starts randomly jumping right before your eyes – and you have here, for example, the collapse of the ship, and the scenery with a roar go up and down. This timeless epic moment you get used immediately.
One of the most obscure stories in the run-up to Quantum Break output was the presence of the series, in some way inscribed in the game. Experiments spliced film and games are often disastrous, but Remedy managed to arrange more or less decently. After passing each act is an action game switches to the main villain, Paul Sayrina, which must make an important decision – and, of course, this selection is delegated to you. Then follows a full episode of Quantum Break series – with the same actors and your decision as one of the plot turns; what is happening in the game is emphasized here in the background, but the player is introduced in detail in the context. Revelations of the series should not wait: it’s not HBO, but rather budget fantasy with cable channels, which attracted more or less famous actors. But he does his work, framing the interactive part of the Quantum Break. The choice will shred of drama – and precisely in the event of the series – but little influence on the plot will not, and the events of the game will remain almost unchanged. See the other versions of the story can be without going through the game again – all the episodes available for replay separately. But if you initially choose the lowest difficulty level, the game really worth pereproyti at least on Normal – to feel whole relish local skirmishes.
Character Animation in QB (not only front) – one of the objects of pride for developers. At least, we are very proud of them.
Quantum Break takes its immediacy. History does not claim to be original – it is a rapid development of exciting news about the Hadron Collider. Occurring in play tricks with time, even in theory have some scientific basis – Remedy invited to this scientists from CERN, but looking at the way the main character learns in two steps to stop bullets, questions somehow disappear by themselves. Finding common sense come to naught before the scale of what is happening: never before the game about the time management did not look so impressive. And while Quantum Break is not shy about his old-fashioned as a game: regardless of the scientific credibility of what is happening, the most powerful enemies here you need to get from behind and shoot him in the ass from the shotgun.
Quantum Break was originally the most important figure in the so-called “war exclusives”: it was believed that the release of this game on the Xbox One console will spur sales. At the time of release, some things have changed: all the exclusives Xbox One now shares with a PC running Windows 10, and Quantum Break can be viewed not as the Messiah, called to save the Microsoft console from collapse, but simply as a game. And this, incidentally, shooter from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Waiting for Quantum Break greater focus on any nonsense – like a companion series game, famous actors and said exclusivity. Fortunately, the developers have set our priorities better than many of us: Quantum Break is good primarily as a shooter, and the rest of her entourage does not spoil, does not disgrace and pulls the blanket over himself – and this is already a great success.

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