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Chris from “Skins”
Create a vivid image – not an easy task in itself; to create an image with which the audience will be able to some extent to associate themselves doubly difficult. Joe Dempsey managed to play reckless addict Chris Miles is so vivid and believable that he’s got a lot of fans; Needless to say that this success greatly contributed to his future career.
English actor, best known for the role of Chris Miles (Chris Miles) in the television project ‘Skins’ ( ‘Skins’).
Dempsey was born in Liverpool (Liverpool). The first skills of acting, he got in the Central Youth television studio in Nottingham (Central Junior Television Workshop, Nottingham); parallel Dempsey studied at a school in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire (West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire). It is known that Dempsey – an ardent fan of the football club ‘Nottingham Forest’; He regularly attends home and away matches of the team and even played on British morning sports show ‘Soccer AM’ in the original T-shirt of the club, and in company with his colleague on the ‘Skins’ Nicholas Holt (Nicholas Hoult).
May 10, 2008 th on the screens out the next episode of the popular sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’ (Doctor Who), ‘The daughter of the Doctor’ ( ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’); in this episode Dempsey got the role of a Klein (Cline). In June 2008, the magazine ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ published an interview Dempsey.
April 18, 2008 th Joe Dempsey took part in the next ‘Friday Night Project’ – together with the Geri Halliwell (Geri Halliwell).
July 20, 2008 th Dempsey made a colleagues ‘Skins’ on the beach of the popular resort town of Weston-super-Mare (Weston Super Mare).
In November 2008, Joseph played a small role in one of the episodes of the television series channel BBC ‘Merlin’ ( ‘Merlin’); Dempsey’s character, Will, was an old friend of the protagonist, a young magician Merlin.
In 2009, Joseph starred with Michael Sheen (Michael Sheen), Jim Broadbent (Jim Broadbent), Stephen Graham (Stephen Graham) and Timothy Spall (Timothy Spall) in the sports drama “The Damned United ‘(The Damned United); Dempsey played Duncan McKenzie (Duncan McKenzie).
In 2010, Dempsey voiced staged Radio 4’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ gay teenager Steven (Steven); in the same year, Joe’s got the lead role in the miniseries Channel 4’s’ This Is England ’86’. Several less significant role in the project, Joe played BBC 2 ‘Harry & Paul’.
In 2011, Joseph Dempsey first appearance before the viewers in the form of Dzhendri (Gendry), a young blacksmith from the series ‘Game of Thrones’ ( ‘Game of Thrones’) – the film adaptation of the epic fantasy saga by George Martin (George R.R. Martin). Dzhendri found a place in the first three seasons of the show; fully say what role he will play in further developments, it is difficult.
Of the variety of roles played by Joe Dempsey to the public is best remembered for Chris Miles, a drug addict and reveler from the popular and quite controversial television project ‘Skins’. Many critics have noted that the image Dempsey has created a surprisingly bright, well thought out, realistic and, oddly enough, even good-looking in some respects. Chris Miles is not just like the audience – many have noted that this character can be relatively easy to understand and as a result, share his emotions. The popularity of the series as a whole and the impact on the success of the Dempsey – he had a whole army of loyal fans. The last in the series ‘Skins’ hero Dempsey appeared in the penultimate episode of the second season.
It continues to actively removed Joseph Dempsey to this day. More recently, he played one of the negative characters in the project BBC Three ‘Ghosts’ ( ‘The Fades’); In addition, Dempsey takes part in promotional projects – so his voice can be heard in the British ‘Clearasil’ advertising.

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