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Joan Fontaine, Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland.
22.10.1917, Tokyo, Japan – 15.12. 2013, Carmel, California, USA.
Winner of the “Oscar” (1942).
The beginning of the way
Joan Fontaine, full name Joan de Byuvuar de Havilland, was born October 22, 1917 in Tokyo, the Japanese foreign area of the capital, in a British family lawyer. She was the second child of Walter Augustus de Havilland and his wife Lillian Ruz.
Joan Fontaine grew sickly girl. Concerned about the health of children’s mother, on the advice of a doctor, moved with the children in the US state of California in Saratoga. By the time the parents of girls have already decided to divorce. However, Joan Fontaine up to the end of the American School for two years has lived with his father in Japan.
In 1934, he returned again vshtaty, Joan Fontaine began to build an acting career. This is like her mother, and my sister was already a Hollywood actress. Then Joan Fontaine decided to take a different from her last name – Fontaine, on the stepfather’s surname. Professional skills of acting Joan Fontaine began to study at the famous director Max Reinhardt.
Film career
Joan Fontaine in the beginning of his career was not one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood. She did not have the necessary catchiness, the ability to apply yourself. After an unsuccessful debut episode in the film “Ladies are no longer required” in 1935, Joan Fontaine decided to return to the stage. She played in the play “Name that day”, while her older sister had already shone on the screen.
Joan Fontaine caught the eye representative kinofirmy “RKO-Radio”. By signing a good contract, a young actress from 1935 to 1940, played a role in more than a dozen films. The period was in Fontaine career preparatory: films in which she starred in the years in the studio, belonged to the “B” category, that is, to the films “second class”. Joan Fontaine failed to achieve the desired success, and her contract was not renewed.
Despair, Joan Fontaine decided to throw a movie, but he arrived his Majesty fortune. Fontaine was close to the renowned producer David O. Selznick, who invited her to try on the role of Mrs. de Winter in the first American film of the famous English director Alfred Hitchcock.
This was her chance! It was not even the fact that it was the “star” movie – a great director, a great producer – Selznikom and a great partner – Olivier. It was her story, the story of a simpleton – just a second after the dead Queen. Not in life, so at least in the film Joan Fontaine was able to change the reality – feel that she loved more than a ghost turned out to be rather bleak. She played with exceptional dedication.
Very young girl yesterday schoolgirl with sharp elbows and falls on the cheek straight hair, shy, angular, silent she became the wife of an English aristocrat, beginning with the last fight, where reigned the first wife of her husband – beautiful Rebecca.
Encouraged by the success of the painting, a talent Joan Fontaine, Hitchcock offered her another role – in his film “Suspicion”, for which the actress won the “Oscar”. Hitchcock turned the fountain of “women’s decoration” a beautiful, subtle performer, worried that largely contributed to enhance the game of dramatic tension in the film.
In 1941, Joan Fontaine played Hitchcock in “Suspicion” with Cary Grant film actor in the title role. Quiet, vulnerable, feminine Joan was multifaceted image online MakKinlou suspected her husband, played by Cary Grant, in the intention to commit murder. And once again a success. For this role, the actress finally won the “Oscar” Award and the New York Film Critics, though everyone knew that it was compensation for his role in “Rebecca”.
The role of online MakKinlou Eysgart in the movie “Suspicion” immediately spawned a series of imitators. The same actress was in the film adaptation of the novel by Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.”
“Jane Eyre”
Joan Fontaine – actress, whose name is associated with many well-known films, many famous and popular in its time the artists played with her. Joan Fontaine played the seventh novel adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”, produced by the film company «20th Century Fox» in 1943.
Director of the film was made by Robert Stevenson and steel producers William Goetz, Kenneth McGowan. Actors were involved: Joan Fontaine as tough and well-known the value of things and people, cold, not hanging on the neck in Rochester, Jane Eyre, Orson Welles in the role of Edward Rochester, Peggy Ann Garner, who played the young Jane Eyre.
In 1940 Joan Fontaine reveled in the glory of cinema, thanks to her roles in romantic melodramas: “Above all,” “Ivy” and “Letter from an Unknown Woman”.
Joan Fontaine wanted to create different images. On the screen, she wanted to be a winner, a strong-willed woman. In the film “Love adventure Susan” in 1945, the actress had to portray four different women, different from each other. The cast was interesting, but the inner vulnerability, softness and femininity were unfortunately lost, the game has become a notable counterfeit notes.
Roles active heroines, Joan Fontaine was given. This was particularly evident in the film “Born to be Bad” in 1950. Realizing that by way of Hitchcock found she did not leave, Joan Fontaine returned to touching, who loved, to give themselves without reserve heroines and again succeeded in the film “Letter from an Unknown Woman” directed by Max Offyulsa on the novel by Stefan Zweig.
The heroine of the story frankly melodramatic Fontaine recalled of his selfless love in his youth to a man who did not remember her at all. The actress played brilliantly again, and managed to become a sincere and genuinely dramatic.
Joan Fontaine notable work in film was the role in the film “What makes life worth living,” George Stevens in 1952. It was touching in the role-alcoholic actress who rescues representative temperance societies by Ray Milland.
Since the mid-1960s, Joan Fontaine in cinema has ceased to act. Occasionally it can be seen on Broadway or on television. filming Actress replaced on lectures, travels and his own literary work. A significant role of Joan Fontaine became a school teacher Gwen Mayfield in the British film “Witch” horror in 1966, found himself face to face with magic in their own okruzhenii.V last time on the big screen, Joan Fontaine appeared in 1994 in the role of Queen Lyudmila in the film “Good king Wenceslas. ”
Joan Fontaine was a licensed pilot, champion in ballooning, fine rider, sport fisherman to win prizes for catching tuna, golfer, professional chef and a professional interior designer.
In 1954, Joan Fontaine received good reviews for his role in the Broadway production of “Tea and Sympathy”, where she played along with Anthony Perkins. In 1960, the actress was also notable roles in theatrical productions of “Private Lives,” “Cactus Flower” and “The Lion in Winter.”
Personal life
By its nature, Joan Fontaine was not at all similar to those of sacrificial heroines who became her role with a light hand of Hitchcock. Independent, was not afraid of anything, Fontaine drove the plane itself and rose to the sky in a balloon, catching tuna and played golf on a par with men. During the Second World War, the actress has worked tirelessly as an assistant nurses repeatedly performed at the Hollywood Radio in support of US troops.
In 1978, Joan Fontaine finished and published his autobiography, which he called “not a bed of roses.” Many vital judgments actress, known for her directness and clarity of the language, become aphorisms.
Joan Fontaine was not very happy in love. Her first husband, I almost ran away from her before the wedding, broke down six years, the marriage with the second – the head of the department of Scriptwriters Paramount – lasted even less. Joan Fontaine was lively and sharp tongue, she thought, the world was not kind to her – so why should it be good for someone? “Marriage – the institution is as dead as the dodo bird” – it was a total of four attempts Joan build a family life.
Success in the cinema in 1952 coincided with the third marriage with Joan Fontaine producer Collier Young. In 1952, Joan Fontaine adopted by a Peruvian girl Pereyu Marita Calderon, who was born on November 3, 1946. The girl ran away from the family Fontaine in 1963. When Joan found her, she was denied contact with the child. The authorities referred to the fact that the adoption of a child from Peru are not really in the United States. Marita maintained relations with his sister Debbie, but never said and never saw his mother called. When Joan found out about it, she has long been offended by the behavior of her own daughter.
In 1964, Joan Fontaine fourth time she married Alfred Wright, Jr., “Sports Illustrated” magazine editor. She became pregnant twice in 1964, at age 46, but both times the miscarriage happened and the couple divorced in 1969.
Joan Fontaine began to live a quiet and secluded life in a small California town of Carmel. She took care of her garden and two dogs. Joan Fontaine died on December 16, 2013 to 97 th year of life, death was due to natural causes.
Interesting Facts
The elder sister Joan Fontaine – Olivia began her acting career before, and the family name de Havilland got to her. The mother did not want Joan Fontaine as sister became de Havilland, and forbade her to use that name. Therefore, Joan Fontaine was forced to come up with a nickname Barfield, who later replaced Joan Fontaine.
In 1978, Joan Fontaine finished and published his autobiography, which he called “not a bed of roses.”
Joan Fontaine was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Along with Louise Rainer, Shirley Temple, Maureen O’Hara and her sister Olivia de Havilland remained one of the last living Hollywood film stars of the 1930s until 2013. Joan Fontaine.
In 1943, Joan Fontaine took American citizenship.
The successes of Joan Fontaine the envy of her older sister, superstar actress Olivia de Haviland. Well-known words of Joan Fontaine: “I first got married, the first to receive an Oscar, and if I die as the first, it will undoubtedly cause Olivia rage because I beat her here!” Olivia de Haviland and Joan Fontaine enriched Hollywood – his talent , its beauty. This rivalry gave the world two great actresses, each of which glorified his name – Olivia de Hevilend and Joan Fontaine.

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