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Jessica Chastain – American actress of film and television, the owner of “Golden Globe” and a number of informal titles under versions of various esteemed organizations and publications – one of the most influential persons of the world, the sexiest smile, the sexiest vegetarian. future super-movie icon. She loves spa and categorically opposed to novels with their own kind, that is, with the actors.
Jessica Howard was born March 29, 1981 in the small town of Sacramento, California, USA, in a large family. Jessica – one of five children of Pope-fire and mom-chef, specialist vegan dishes. Apparently, the impact on the mother’s daughter was so great that Jessica is not only took her mother’s maiden name, Chastain, but also became priverzhenka vegan, the strictest vegetarian varieties, which are not used in food products of animal origin, as well as eggs and honey. Jessica was the first in his family to go to college. Actress Jessica wanted to be a child, 9 years old, she began to dance, to 13 years has been involved in productions of Shakespeare, and later entered the prestigious Juilliard School – institution of higher education in New York, giving education in the field of art and music. Specializes Chastain, I love movies, became a dramatic art. As a student, she played in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Jessica is so well proven during training, has been awarded to scholarships for young talents, established the famous Juilliard graduate actor Robin Williams. In 2003, the actress received a Bachelor of Arts degree and was invited to the TV to participate in the television project “Dark Shadows” (2004). This was followed by roles in episodic television series known “Veronica Mars” (2004), “Law & Order. Trial by Jury “(2005).
Film debut from the young actress was held in 2008 in the independent film “Zholin” directed by Dan Ireland, shot on the short story by American writer Edgar Doctorow. Jessica starred in this movie, and so successfully that has been awarded the prize for Best Actress at the International Film Festival in Seattle. Shooting movie did not prevent the actress to continue working in television, theater and film. Jessica successfully combined diversified work, living in two cities – Los Angeles and New York.
The most fruitful in terms of creativity for Jessica Chastain stood out in 2011. On the screens out interesting pictures with the actress. The film “Shelter”, where she played the role of Samantha Laforsh – wife of a simple worker who begins to see strange dreams, received critical acclaim, box office success and several prestigious film awards. No less attention drawn picture of the British director John Madden’s “The Reckoning”, where Jessica played the role of a Mossad agent. The film was awarded at the International Film Festival in Toronto. The famous actress Helen Mirren, who was the partner of Jessica Chastain in this film, she said: “I became a fan of the talent of my young colleagues. I just saw it myself. ” Hull also impressed by the stubbornness and hardness Chastain in achieving their goals, work on the role.
Natural redhead beauty is not afraid to experiment with their looks. For the role in the film “The Help” (2011) she dyed blonde, and was nominated for “Oscar” award for supporting actress. Today, Jessica Chastain just snapped: glossy magazines want to see it on their covers, fashion brands – the face of the brand, photographers dream to have her as a model, and directors see her starring his films. Despite increased attention from the press and colleagues, Jessica carefully guards his privacy.
However, it is known that it is a pet dog trehlapy Chaplin: “He had an accident before, I took it myself. His hit by a car. But I must say that he is chasing a ball is much faster than the other holders of the four legs. ” On a question that confuses Jessica most, she replied that her performance in honor of the song “Happy birthday to you!”. And no need to be embarrassed, because the critics, fans, spectators, professionals, did not hesitate to predict Jessica Chastain future superstar of world cinema.

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