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Jessica Barden: a biography
The name of the British actress Jessica Barden is known to the general public by his roles in the dystopia Lobster, the television series The End of the ***** th World, as well as the UK’s longest-playing soap opera Coronation Street.

Childhood and youth
Jessica was born July 21, 1992 in Northallerton, the capital of North Yorkshire. In 1995, the family moved to nearby West Yorkshire, in the town of Weatherby, where the girl’s childhood passed. Details about the parents of the young actress and the nature of their occupation is not, judging by the photos on social networks, Jessica has a brother Josh. Education Barden received in Wetherby High School.

In 1999, the schoolgirl Jessica appeared in an episode of the children’s television series “My Alien Parents”. The film was about three orphans who were adopted by aliens from the planet Valux. Then came the unobtrusive roles of one of the members of the Morton family in “Coronation Street”, in which the girl was starred for two years, and in the comedy “Not Angels”.

Jessica Barden in childhood
Jessica Barden in the TV series “Coronation Street”
In the future, in the television career of a young actress, not the most significant characters in the crime drama “Faith”, the film adaptation of Sadie Jones’s “Outlaw” novel, awarded with the literary prize Costa Book Award, sitcom “Chickens” were taken over.

The big movie appeared in Jessica’s biography with the film “The Revolution of Mrs. Ratcliffe.” This is a comedy about a family that, at the behest of its socialist father, moves from England to the German Democratic Republic, and the mother makes secret plans to return. Barden played the daughter of the head of the family Mary.

In 2009, a British woman entered the theater scene in the play “Jerusalem” of the London Royal Court. Then the director Stephen Frears invited Jessica to the role of schoolgirl Jody Long in the movie “The Irresistible Tamara.” The girl played a resident of an English village, who, together with her friend, penetrates the house of the main character and interferes with her personal life by sending emails that ultimately change the fate of other people.

The following year, the actress starred in action movie Jo Wright “Hannah. Perfect Weapon “featuring Cate Blanchett and Sirshey Ronan. This time, Jessica’s character is a teenage girl Sophia, the daughter of a married couple, whom the main character meets when she is looking for her father.

Barden’s next work is Kelly’s main role in the horror film “Fall” about the near future of the planet Earth. In the story, six teenagers penetrate the tower of the pirate radio station, where an unknown maniac begins to hunt them.

Another teenager with age problems embodied Jessica, who looks younger than her years, in the drama “On the Dark Half.” Her heroine is immersed in the search for boundaries between reality and imagination after a neighbor child dies, over whom the girl has looked after.

In 2014, the actress participated in the independent project “Lullaby” in the role of Meredith. The drama touched upon a difficult situation of choice, in front of which a seriously ill person faces – to continue treatment or stop their own anguish and family.

A wife and children are gathering at the bedside, and the brother and sister are not on friendly terms, they begin to recall past offenses, and the daughter wants to get a court decision to prevent her father from performing euthanasia. The film also starred Richard Jenkins (“Form of Water”), Anne Archer (“Direct and Obvious Threat”), Amy Adams (“Fighter”, “Groom for Rent”).

Jessica also starred in another film adaptation of the novel by the great English writer Thomas Hardy called “Away from the distraught crowd.” The film was awarded the Golden Trailer Awards, nominated for the London Critics Circle Film Awards and “Sputnik”.

In the lead role, Jessica Barden appeared in the fantastic Lobster melodrama with the participation of “one of the most beautiful people on Earth” in the opinion of People magazine – Colin Farrell – and the Oscar-winning Rachel Weiss. By the way, Farrell received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the film.

The tape presents the viewer with a dystopian society, in which loneliness is punishable, everyone needs to be a couple. Dissenters are transformed into animals. The main character is hammered by the idea that creating a pair is necessary on the basis of similarity. In the hotel, where loners are gathered, people live with certain features that distinguish them from the crowd. Barden got the role of a woman who periodically bleeds from the nose.

In 2016, Jessica’s filmography was replenished with a detective comedy “Meindhorn” about a forgotten actor who is being forced to return to her previous role in criminal incidents in her hometown.

Personal life
Due to age, the search for the second half of Jessica has not yet been burdened, to the forefront is her career, which has recently been on the rise.

In addition to cinema, Barden is shot for glossy magazines, participates in public events. Photos of the actress on the web say that she loves to have fun with friends and has a good sense of humor.

Jessica barden now
One of the last notable roles of Jessica Barden – marginal Alyssa from the television series “The End of the *** th World”, based on comics and coming out on the Netflix channel. The film tells about a girl (again in the piggy bank of the actress the image of a teenager), anxious about the search for her father, and her partner James played by Alex Lowther, a self-proclaimed psychopath, obsessed with the idea of ​​killing a man. Pushed out of the house by family circumstances, young people, a kind of modern Bonnie and Clyde, are going to meet adventures.

The ambiguous tape combines elements of black comedy and road movie, violence and romance, a special amount of emotional lentings gives a large number of profanity. Despite the fact that only the first part of the eight episodes was aired, the film had already gained popularity and gained fame for the rebellious youth anthem and the best British series of the 21st century.

The origins of the dramatic plot are in the problems in the families of the heroes, who still deformed, in fact, the child’s psyche. Perhaps that is why on Jessica’s page on Instagram there are links to resources that provide various assistance to children and parents who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

According to some critics, it’s hard to expect a happy ending from such a series, moreover, all the plot twists suggest that it is impossible in principle. The final of the first season leaves in the dark and gives food for imagination. Continuation is expected in the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

In the summer of the same year, the release of the drama “New Romance” with Barden in the lead role is planned. The film tells about a student trying to arrange a personal life. Blake meets fellow students from college, but fails. Without trying to look for the reasons for breaking off relations with peers, the girl switches to older men.

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