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Real name: Jennifer eve Garth.
Date of birth: 3 April 1972.
Place of birth: Urbana, Illinois.
Parents: John and Carolyn Garth.
Brothers: John and Chuck.
Sisters: Lisa, Cammie, Wendy, Lynn.
Hobbies: riding horses, working in his home garden.
Favorite sports: gymnastics and kickboxing.
Fears most: an interview.
Children: in 1997, Jenny and her husband Peter Facinelli had a daughter called Luca Bella.
Where I was born Jennifer Garth, did not promise anything stellar and outstanding. Farm 25 acres, rural lifestyle, large family and the provincial routine. Her father is John Garth was a school administrator, and mother Carolyn is a teacher. Jenny was the youngest child in the family, and she had to wear old things older sisters and brothers. However, we cannot say that she was unloved. It is always treated as the smallest in the family, but not pinned much hope. Particularly outstanding success in school Jenny was not shown, so that parents were thinking about the structure of her work to some grocery store or something as prestigious to the office Secretary. A place where I was born, Jenny, was such that he continued his studies at colleges a few…
Everything is as it would be if the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. It happened when Jenny was thirteen years old. The purpose of this move remains a mystery, but one way or another, this fact of her biography was a turning point in terms of a career. At the new place, Jennifer meets Director broadcasting Corporation ABC, which became one of the first who noted her talent and ability for acting. This meeting took place at the competition “Young beauties” in which Jenny participated as a debutante. Then she received an offer to star.
Jenny started her acting career with singing at all times of His Majesty the case – she met a man who uttered the sacramental phrase: “You should be an actress.” “My mother was skeptical – says Garth. – But then we met him again and decided to try it. My mother moved to Los Angeles with me and put life on hold to help me. Very well, I wasn’t even convinced that I wanted to do this.”
In the end, a tempting offer was made, and at the age of fifteen with his family Jenny moved to Los Angeles. The city struck her with its beauty and uniqueness. Here she has started shooting the television series “New life.” It was her debut as an actress. The success of the series brought Jenny’s popularity, it earned the name, she had her first fans.
At the age of eighteen years (this was 1990), she was invited for the role of Kelly Taylor in the television series “Beverly hills, 90210”. In the series about the lives and relationships of young people, the audience witnesses many of the events with the characters, being able to trace a large plot of their lives, from school years and ending with entry into adulthood. In all seven seasons of “Beverly hills, 90210” Jennie Garth (or rather, her character Kelly Taylor) has suffered a lot. She was afraid to get AIDS; struggled with cocaine addiction; helped to abandon the drug abuse of his own mother; he spent months in recovery after burns received in the fire; he managed to leave the sect and change their old reputation…
So, at 18 years of age Jenny became known throughout America, magazines were full of her photographs, all the new producers and Directors offered her lucrative contracts. After a career Garth has made a sharp jump caused by this famous character, Jenny got in trouble many stars – persistent reporters. “I’m really hard to be famous, says shy Garth. – I don’t even think of myself as a celebrity. It’s hard to see yourself on the cover of a magazine and read articles about myself. I understand that this is part of the business, and learn to live with it, but it’s not easy. Reporters constantly trying to get to me… And I never was interested in it because it’s all very personal. Close friends and members of my family know me, and more me.”
For the role of the beautiful and gracious Kelly Taylor was followed by quite unexpected for fans of the actress image, she appeared in a new project, in the TV movie, in the role of women living in close-knit, God-fearing community in Utah. Her character is torn between love and duty, feelings for your fiance, and uncontrollable passions to the brother of the groom. Of course, this is a soap Opera, but it has a lot of interesting. “It was a very beautiful script. It is like a poem – said Garth, when he explained what attracted her to the project. – It was very different from any movie I’ve seen before. First of all, the fact that it is not built according to standard formulas. As for my fans, I think people who know that this is my job, you know what I need to grow. I want everyone to understand it. I want to become a serious actress, so I must continue to look for similar roles to achieve more.”
And inspires the actress not only immense popularity, which she took part in many movies and television series, but also the lives of the common man. Now Jenny has a family, a daughter. They have a house in Beverly hills and a ranch in Santa Barbara. In the circle of her Hobbies includes dancing, horse riding and gardening. Jenny is also involved in numerous campaigns for the protection of animals.
Now that the era of “Beverly hills” already gone, Garth is beginning to think seriously about the future. Definitely, she decided to focus on acting, at the same time continuing to look for yourself. In particular, she decided to try to play in the theater, which is now engaged in the preparation stage. For any project Jenny rushes with all my heart. This is another distinguishing feature of her character – to always be responsible, even to their dreams.
“Perhaps, when the role becomes less interesting for me, I will be engaged in producing, says Jenny. But while I really like to speak publicly. I meet people, and it is interesting to me”.
In General, Jennie Garth knows how to skillfully overcome all difficulties and to achieve his, no matter what. Her career serves as a good example.

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