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Jena Malone – American actress, even before the age of 16 received a nomination for the “Golden Globe” for his work in the film “Hope” and the award of the Guild of actors for the lead role in the film “Bastard out of Carolina”, received the “Saturn” award for best actress ( the film “Contact”).
Also known by the pictures “Stepmom,” “Into the Wild” and other tapes.
Jena was born November 21, 1984 in the city of Sparks of the US state of Nevada. It is raised by his mother, his father did not know the girl. As a child, with her mother Jana often moved from place to place, until the family settled in Los Angeles. Once on the open spaces of Hollywood, Jena mom decided to make a career in film daughters. Jenna started appearing on television to seven years. It turned out that the girl is not without acting instincts. She played in the series, and in 1996 Malone starred in her first feature film, “Hidden in America” (1996) – the film to be nominated for “Golden Globe”.
The first recognition came to the girl as early as twelve years old when the young actress starred in Angelica Huston “Bastard out of Carolina” (1996). The drama tells the story of a single mother with two daughters, who married again. And while my stepfather ambiguously refers to the eldest daughter betrothed, his mother, in fear of being left alone, trying not to notice the alarm. In this tape the young actress Jena Malone brilliantly played the unfortunate daughter of a housewife, for which he was appreciated by the critics. The success was a loud and impressive – still, because the young actress was nominated for Actors Guild Award for Best Actress. The success inspired the twelve-like Jenny. The famous director Robert Zemeckis has invited young actress to star in his new film “Contact” (1997).
In this sci-fi movie Jena played a small alley, which wants to get into space as well as adults, become an astronomer scientist. For this role, a thirteen year old actress received the prestigious cinema award “Saturn”, awarded for fantastic pictures in the category “Best Actress”. In the same year, Jena Malone appears in the title role in the drama of Goldie Hawn “Hope” (1997), for which the young actress is rewarded with a nomination for the second film award for America’s popularity – the “Golden Globe”.
After such a triumph Jena begins to receive invitations from many directors. Jenna plays the main character of the drama “Ellen Foster” (1997), then it appears in the constellation of Hollywood nebozhitelnits as Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon in the family drama “Stepmom” (1998), and later – with Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston in the sports drama “for love of the game” (1999). Thus, by the age of fifteen Jena Malone becomes popular Hollywood actress, and in high-level films.
Due to the high fees of the young actress, the family was able to improve their financial situation. However, money is a minor movie star quarreled and her mother filed for Jena parent to court, accusing it of mismanagement of its own revenues. And the court sided with the daughter, ruling that Jena mother has no right to interfere in its financial affairs.
After graduating from high school that the actress still managed to finish despite the regular shooting, Jenna went to college Northern California, where she was to learn the art of photography. Simultaneously Malone continued active shooting: the actress can be seen in leading roles in such popular films as “American Girl” (2002), “Hitler: The Rise of Evil” (2003), “Into the Wild” (2007), “Sucker Punch” ( 2011). At twenty-two years, Jana made her debut on Broadway in the play «Doubt».

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