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In Hollywood he was considered one of the best improvisers ‘comedians comedian’ for his natural, matter how passive the game, the ability to laugh at themselves, for example, on your own excess weight, there are no ‘private’ jokes, revealing his inner world boys
Born June 5, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Actor, writer, Director and nominee for ‘Emmy’ Jeff Garlin poorly known to the General public – such is the peculiarity of his glory. He has not worked in mainstream before played a role in the TV series ‘Curb your enthusiasm’, and then another in a well-known ‘new year’ – ‘arrested development’ (Fox, 2003-06).
Meanwhile, in the more narrow circles of glory Garlin goes back to the times of the theater’s ‘Second City’ of the 1980s.
In Hollywood he was considered one of the best improvisers ‘comedians comedian’ for his natural, matter how passive the game, the ability to laugh at themselves, for example, on your own excess weight, there are no ‘private’ jokes, revealing his inner world.
Feature film, shot on the basis of their own ‘one-man show’, ‘someone to enjoy cheese’ (2007), received at several festivals, where they were presented with positive reviews from film critics.
For our viewers, however, the handsome actor more familiar for a recent family movies such as ‘dad on Duty’ (2003; Jeff starred in this movie with Eddie Murphy) and ‘the valley’ (2008; voice Harlina says the captain of the ship).
Jeff Garlin was born and 11 years of growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. The father of the future actor had his own business, associated with the service water pipes, and his mother worked at the local theater.
Once the parents took the eight-year-old son to the show Jimmy Durante, held at the theater; then Jeff and decided on their future profession.
When Carlino was 11 years old, the family moved to Florida, where Jeff graduated from the Nova school and entered the University of Miami to study acting (actually, he did this only at the insistence of parents who wanted a son and continued her education). In the evening of his twentieth birthday, Jeff made his debut in ‘stand-up’ show in ‘The Comic Strip’ in Fort Lauderdale and more than once went on stage before moving to Chicago, where in the famous theater ‘Second City’ began to hone their talents in sketch shows and improvisation.
While Jeff had a real talent for Comedy, an inherent understanding of what is appropriate at the moment on the stage.
After 5 years in Chicago Jeff several times moved from New York to Los Angeles and back with ideas ‘stand-up’ show, and then debuted on TV in ‘Stand-up Spotlight’ (1988-2004) channel VH1 and played a few small roles – usually it was a plain working folks in the movie (‘Robocop 3’, 1993; ‘Little big League’, 1994, etc.).
In 1997, the famous comedian helped friends, Jon Stewart and Denis Leary, directed their Comedy show for HBO (‘Lock ‘n Load: Denis Leary’, 1997, ‘Jon Stewart: Unleavened’, 1997, respectively). He was filmed for ‘Comedy Half Hour’ (1995-2002) of HBO and appeared in an episode of ‘mad about you’ (where so much of the series that the plot immediately it was written more than a dozen episodes for his character).
At the same time, Garlin suggested the screenwriter and producer Larry David to create the end of work on the TV series ‘Seinfeld’ is a documentary.
The proposal was implemented in the form of semi-documentary, polivinilovogo series about Hollywood life L. David’s ‘Curb your enthusiasm’; Jeff played him as a friend and Manager of David (one of the ‘invented’ roles). Smart and cynical Comedy was based on a brief outline of the plot and the acting freedom of improvisation and attracted the attention of many viewers.
At the same time Galina reputation as a fine comedian growing, and working on several TV shows as a producer, he receives 4 nominations for ‘Emmy’ in a row. He shot for HBO, CBS, Fox and Comedy Central, appears in the tape of ‘Austin powers: the Spy who shagged me’, the Steven Soderbergh film ‘In all its glory’ (2002), with Eddie Murphy in ‘Call dad’ (2003). And every Sunday performed in clubs from Los Angeles with their own show.
In addition, Garlin is developing its own sitcom ‘The Jeff Garlin Program’ and he writes the script for a romantic (that was a surprise) Comedy ‘With whom to enjoy cheese’ (2007), the core of which was ‘unusual’ comic attitude to women and to food, and the story was based on the performances of the comedian in the ‘Second City’.
Except that Jeff wrote for the film script, he played a major role in it, and was also the Director. At film festivals ‘With whom to enjoy cheese’ (by the way, the film has collected a pretty strong cast) received a high rating, however, widely known and did not.
As for the chronologically latest projects the comedian – he directed the film version of the show George.Water ‘This Filthy World’ (2007), played a supporting role in the Comedy ‘the Naked drummer’ (2008), voiced captain in ‘wall-e’ (2008) and starred in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ (Disney, 2008) and ‘Life & Times of Tim’ (2008).
Jeff Garlin is married; his chosen name is Martha.

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