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Jeanne Moreau

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Jeanne Moreau – French actress and singer. Winner of the Cannes, Venice and Berlin film festivals. Best known for the films “7 days. 7 nights (Moderato cantabile) “,” Jules and Jim “,” Viva Maria! “,” Lift to the Scaffold “and” old lady, a member of the Sea. ”
Jeanne Moreau was born on January 23, 1928 in Paris in the family of the owner of a small hotel and once-successful British ballerina. In wartime, the father’s business collapsed and his mother was arrested. From early childhood, Jeanne was fond of theater and music. Despite the protests of his father, at the age of fifteen she decided to learn the basics of theatrical skill. Four years later, she was admitted to the CNSAD, where she met with the novice director Jean Vilar. In 1947, he entrusted the inexperienced Moreau a key role in the production of “Meridian Terrace”, which became an actress debut on the big stage.
Thanks to manifest abilities twenty Jeanne made its way into the “Comedie Francaise” legendary theater, receiving the title of the youngest actress for three hundred years of its history. It was noted in a variety of productions, but with classic performances of their inherent stiffness and predictability bored Moreau four years, so she left the troupe. She went to the theater, “House of Moliere” and felt the increased interest in cinema. The first time her film career did not develop. Part of the reason for it was “unfashionable” type of actress and her dislike of the abundance of make-up, do not add to the convenience of directors. On the screen, Jeanne made her debut in 1949 in the film “The Last Love”, but in the next eight years, left very little movies with her participation, the most notable of which – “Juliette”, “Do not touch the prey”, “Queen Margot” and “Gas oil “.
In 1957 at the Moro affair began with Louis Malle, who invited her to his painting “Lift to the scaffold.” Tape actress brought a new wave of popularity. Soon Jeanne appeared in two other films Malle: “Lovers” and “Fading light”. The resounding success of films at European festivals Jeanne made one of the most popular actresses of the 60s. The most outstanding tapes of the stage were “7 days. 7 nights (Moderato cantabile) “,” Night “,” Jules and Jim “,” process “,” Diary of a maid, “” The bride was in mourning “,” Viva Maria! “And” Midnight Bells. ” The actress starred in such legendary directors like Michelangelo Antonioni, Luis Buñuel, Truffaut, Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard and Orson Welles.
The brilliant career of Moreau not faded into the next decade. In 1976, screens out the autobiographical film “Light”, which had, for the first time Jeanne wrote the screenplay and acted as producer. Three years later, the audience brought her second film “Teenager”, was nominated for the main prize of the Berlin Film Festival. A lot of interesting roles played by Moreau and 80s: and, as noted by the actress herself, she chose not heroines and directors soon. In the same period, Jeanne started to conduct a television program about the painting, to appear in documentary films and appear as part of the jury at the major film festivals. Among the most notable works of art of the late Jeanne Moreau note “Six” tape, “vouchsafed a miracle”, “Old lady, a member of the Sea”, “Ever After” and “Time to Leave”.
Actress twice been married, both times for directors: Jean-Louis Richard and William Friedkin. She has a son from her first husband, who became a painter. The press often mentioned the novels Moro with other renowned filmmakers.

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