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Born: July 30, 1948, Casablanca, Morocco Zodiac sign: Leo

The name Jean Reno is associated, first of all, with Leon – the role of an eccentric killer, thanks to which a French actor has gained fans all over the world. But to call him an actor of one role is impossible – Renault was able to go further and conquer Hollywood. But there was a time when directors did not even want to hear the name of Jean Reno …

Fleeing from the Franco regime, the family of Jean Reno fled from Andalusia to Morocco. It happened before his birth. So, Reno is of Spanish origin. There is no doubt about that, if you know his real name – Juan Morena and Herrera Jimenez. That is how parents dubbed the future star. In Morocco, Juan lived to 12 years, and then the family decided to move to France.

The parents of the future actor were ordinary people – the mother is a dressmaker, the father is an employee in a printing house. In order to somehow consolidate his status in an unfamiliar country, Juan went to serve in the army of France. After he had the opportunity to work at customs, to be a driver and even an accountant. But, earning his bread with the help of the most ordinary professions, the young man dreamed of more subtle matters. It was when he thought about acting that he had the idea to change his long Spanish name. Juan Moreno became Jean Reno.

In parallel with the work, Renault began attending drama school, and later enrolled in an acting course Rene Simon. In 1974, he first appeared in low-level television shows, and in 1979 he made his debut in more or less “big” cinema. It was the detective story of the “Stolen Picture Hypothesis”. However, the famous after the release of this masterpiece, Jean Reno did not wake up. Moreover – in his career there was a stagnation, and for a long time the actor did not receive any tempting offers.

The crucial year for Jean Reno was 1981, when he met Luc Bessonn. Then, by the way, he, too, was not yet a cult director. Jean Reno played in his directorial debut – the film “Penultimate.” While working on the film, Besson and Reno found like-minded people in each other and became friends. In 1985, followed by their second joint work “Underground”. After these two roles, Jean Reno gained some weight in acting circles and they began to offer him more interesting roles. The films “Phone Always Rings Twice”, “I Love You”, “Red Zone” followed.

This acting triumph happened in Reno in 1988. This was again a collaboration with Luc Bessonn. Jean Reno played freediver Enzo Mallorca in the first English-language film directed by “Blue Abyss”. The game Jean Reno was greeted by critics very warmly, and for this work he was honored with the first in his career film awards – the Cesar Prize. From that moment on, the actor began to seriously follow Hollywood, and soon he again gave reason to pay close attention to himself.

In 1990, Jean Reno first declared himself as the best “movie-killer”. He played the role of cleaner in “Nikita” Luc Besson. Four years later, starring in “Leon”, the actor finally established itself in this role. The role of the eccentric bounty hunter who helps little girl Matilde brought Reno worldwide fame. Successful and was filmed in 1993 comedy “Aliens.”

Hollywood laid out his serious intentions for Jean Reno in 1996, inviting him to play with Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible. In 1998, he starred in Gadzilla, refusing, for the sake of this work, from the role of Agent Smith in the Matrix proposed by the Wachowski brothers. In the early 2000s, Jean Reno began to establish himself in the role of a brave cop. He managed this no worse than the images of weird killers. “Crimson Rivers”, “Wasabi”, “The Da Vinci Code” – all these works became master strokes in his career. Today, Renault continues to actively withdraw and build large-scale acting plans.

Personal life
On the amorous front of Jean Reno, everything was as stormy as in a career. But, if recognition in the cinema came to him at a more mature age, he began to use success with women from an early age. Renault has been married three times. With his first wife, Genevieve, he met at acting classes. Jean Reno himself does not like to dwell on the topic of his personal life, therefore, not much is known about his first marriage, because he didn’t have our eyes as subsequent ones.

If you believe the rumors, the life of a young married couple is not stuck because of the despotism of her husband. There is also a version that Reno’s careerism and frequent trips, which the profession required, prevented the lovers from happiness. Having acquired two children in marriage, Michael and the daughters Sandra, Renault and Genevieve divorced. It is not known for certain whether it was the decision of the actor or the whim of his wife, but the children remained in the care of his father.

After the divorce, the womanizer switched from earthly women to owners of “feet from the ears.” In 1993, on the Champs Elysées, he met a model of Polish origin, Natalie Dyshkevich. Reno charmed the sultry brunette, but did not marry her at once.

For three years, Natalie went through something like a probationary period for the role of an ideal wife and tried to get along with his children from her first marriage. Having achieved the legalization of relationships, the beauty did not last long in marriage. The couple divorced two years later. According to rumors, the reason for the star was again the cause. In this marriage Reno also had two offspring – a son Tom and a daughter Serena.

The third attempt by Jean Reno to make the family nest has become more successful and has been going on for ten years now. On July 23, 2006, the actor married the Romanian model Sophia Boruke. The couple today have two children together – the sons of Dean and Cielo.

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