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Jean Harlow

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Harlin Harlow Carpenter – known American actress, better known as Jean Harlow (born Jean Harlow.). Born March 3, 1911 in the city of Kansas City. In 1916, the girl was sent to a private school Miss Barstow in Kansas City. When Harlow was 11 years old, her parents divorced, his father was not allowed to see her daughter. In 1923, Harlin and his mother moved to Hollywood, where for two years she studied at the local school for girls. They then returned to his hometown. There Harlin mother remarried, and soon moved to Chicago, and Harlin began to study at the school «Ferry Hall School» in Lake Forest. During his studies, the actress met with Charles Fremont McGrew, of which at the end of 1927 married. But in 1929 the couple divorced.
In 1928, the actress starred in the first film – in the movie “The bond of honor.” In 1929, Jean Harlow met the talented and well-known film director Howard Hughes, who invited the actress to star in the film “Hell’s Angels”. Later, with Howard, it has signed a cooperation contract for a period of 5 years. May 27, 1930, the premiere of the picture “Hell’s Angels”, it was held in «Grauman’s Chinese Theatre» Theatre. The success was huge, this film was a breakthrough for the young actress, brought her popularity and fame. During 1931 Harlow starred in six films, everywhere except in the comedy “City Lights”, she played the main role. At the end of 1931 the actress went to the East Coast tour, which lasted until the beginning of 1932.
While working with director Hughes Jean Harlow met with Paul Bern – producer «MGM» studio and some time later, in 1932, signed a contract with this company. Soon came her new work – the comedy “The red-haired woman”, and a week later Harlow and Paul were married. Then the actress starred in the film “Red Dust”, in 1933 appeared the film “Dinner at Eight”, “Bomb”. In 1934, Harlow starred in the comedy “The Girl from Missouri,” published in 1935 melodrama “China Sea”, in 1936, he saw the light comedy “Wife vs. Secretary”.
In early 1937, the actress was ill with a flu which gave a complication to the kidneys. In the summer of 1937 during the filming of the picture “Saratoga” Jean Harlow became ill, she was taken to hospital, where June 7, 1937 the actress died. At the time of death, she was only 26 years old.

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