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Jean Claude Van Damme

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Jean-Claude Van Damme – American actor, writer and producer of Belgian origin. Prior to acting career was a famous bodybuilder, karate and kickboxer. The most famous films with his participation – “Bloodsport,” “Double Impact”, “Universal Soldier”, “Hard Target”, “Time Patrol”.
Born in Belgium, October 18, 1960. His real birth name of Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenber. His father worked as an accountant and owned a flower shop. When her son was ten, he recorded his karate school. In sixteen years, Jean-Claude has already entered the national team of Belgium in karate, later became the European champion. But in addition to martial arts such as kickboxing, muay thai, kung fu and taekwondo, Van Damme in his youth he studied classical ballet. Also in the wake of the success (to first wife means), he opened his own gym called «California Gym».
In 1981, Jean-Claude, having left his wife and to sell the club, went to Califon, dreaming of becoming an actor. But things did not go so well, besides English Van Damme did not really owned, so the first time moonlighting as a driver, bouncer, working at a construction site, well and taught martial arts. At that time, he decided to marry advantageous for the second time. In 1984, Van Damme finally began to drop out bit parts in such films as “Monaco Forever”, “Missing got.” Then he changed his name to Jean-Claude Kristopher Van Varenberg more sounding Jean-Claude Van Damme, which is chosen in memory of the dead friend. The first full-fledged role as an actor in 1986. became his work on the film “No Retreat.” But really success came two years later, after the release of movie of “Bloodsport”. In the same year Van Damme starred in another successful film – “Kickboxer”.
Acting career began to grow rapidly in a short time came several films with his participation, such as “Cyborg”, “Black Eagle” and “AWOL.” But the next step to popularity was the role in the film “Double Impact”. After the release of militants “Universal Soldier” comes the peak of acting career, Jean-Claude Van Damme, trace out a number of successful films with his participation, among them – “Hard Target,” “Nowhere to Run”, “patrol time”, “Street Fighter”, ” Sudden death “,” Maximum risk “and the film” The quest “as he himself worked on the script and acted as director. But soon came to Van Damme stage problems with drugs, alcohol and the police, personal life also went wrong. All this could not affect the actor’s work.
In subsequent years, his film came out less, among them the role in “Legionnaire” paintings, “Inferno”, “derailed”, “Hell”, “To the death.” But in recent years the actor has recovered from drug problems, he married for the third time and began to return to the screen. So, in 2009 came the painting “ZH.K.V.D.”, the third part of the “Universal Soldier”, and a year later Van Damme starred in “Eagle Road” and voiced the character of the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda 2”. By the way, I told the actor, it is with views of the animated series “The Flintstones” began his study of the English language. He also speaks French and German.

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