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Birthday: 04.12.1970 year
Place of birth: New York, USA
Citizenship: United States
Original name: Shawn Corey Carter

Sensational debut Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z in 1996 marked the beginning of his swift and very prolific career. He released an album every year, with millions of copies required, catapulting hits collars, like a machine gun.

Devoid of something in my childhood, one can spend a lifetime to make up for the gaps of the first years. Some so addicted that they can not be stopped, even if they are obedient to the most soaring peaks. Sensational debut Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z in 1996 marked the beginning of his swift and very prolific career. He released an album every year, with millions of copies required, catapulting hits collars, like a machine gun. Meanwhile, the entire Empire ( “Rap Dynasty”) is formed around his label Roc-a-Fella Records and compete with it in the music market is becoming increasingly difficult. Jay-Z stretches out his hands to adjacent or very remote areas: developing a highly successful line of clothing Roca Wear, financed by taking several pictures of big-budget Hollywood. Not to mention the success in the rap industry: a long list of open-label names and brought up by their own producers, the series of large-scale touring in stadiums across America. He has become ubiquitous – in the charts on MTV, the radio, in movies, in the media. This powerful offensive on all fronts deprive potential enemies resist the opportunity. On the contrary, many had to play by the new rules, to focus on new trends, which brought in the rap industry Jay-Z with their pets. If someone would have occurred to write a book on “How tempered rappers’ in his very instructive biography of Jay-Z would serve as an indispensable source of information. Shawn Corey Carter (Shawn Corey Carter), the future Jay-Z, was an excellent hardening, which made it almost impregnable. He was born December 4, 1970 in one of the darkest and most criminogenic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, a notorious district of New York. While his father remained in the family, to resist the influence of the street still somehow managed. When his parents separated, Sean turned to himself. Myself and the street, where wielded drug traffickers and criminal gangs. Not so green a teenager, he began to earn a living by resorting to any means available to it, even illegal. A vent is located in the passion of hip-hop, composing texts and dreamed of the rapper’s career. Among friends called him Dzhezzi (Jazzy) – that’s where it came from Jay-Z. In 16 years, he felt old enough to break away from Brooklyn and start fighting for a place in show business. This training period lasted for almost ten years. At first, he really helped a young New York rapper Jaz-O (aka Big Jaz), which already had a contract with a small company, but no hint of success. But Jaz-O shared with a young friend his life experience – how to navigate in the rap industry, who to contact, how to present themselves. Jay-Z did with him a few records, some time playing in the now-forgotten group Original Flavor, worked with fellow New York rappers. But on the matter did not go. Desperate wait for the sea weather, Jay-Z takes a rather unconventional solution – opening his own record label Roc-a-Fella Records. His partners in this adventure are his friends Damon Dash (Damon Dash) and Kareem Burke (Kareem Burke). Now he is his own man, middlemen are eliminated, and you can work at your own pocket. It remains to find a reliable distributor. Spreading discs record company agreed to Priority Records (and later Def Jam). All the formalities were settled, could make his debut, especially as the material for the first album was accumulated for a long time and could only make a final push. In June 1996, Jay-Z made it and presented her first child – the album “Reasonable Doubt”. Promptly release everyone’s reacted New York rap fans, and that is not surprising. Slower swayed the rest of America, but she gave up. Although the highest achievement in the album charts was only 23 on the Billboard 200, “Reasonable Doubt” almost immediately began to be perceived as a potential classic. The most impressive number on the album was the single “Is not No Nigga”, a duet with Foxy Brown (Foxy Brown). Someone attracted aggressive gangsta rap, sombre sincerity stories of brutal street
ary life, someone – the presence among the sponsors of DJ Premier and the Notorious B.I.G. (In the track “Brooklyn’s Finest”), someone – tricky wordplay amazing Jay-Z. In any case, his reputation has grown steadily, which contributed three fairly successful singles – “Can not Knock the Hustle” (featuring Mary J. Blige (Mary J. Blige)), “Dead Presidents” and “Feelin ‘It”. From the first steps in the big show business rapper I decided to beat for sure. He worked only with the most daring, the most fashionable producers. Among them – Clark Kent (Clark Kent), DJ Premier, Teddy Riley (Teddy Riley), Trackmasters, Timbaland (Timbaland), Swizz Beatz. During his career, he has managed to enter the name, it seems, with all the great artists in the rap commune: Notorious BIG, Ja Rule (Ja Rule), DMX, Ludacris, Missy Elliott (Missy Elliott), Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg), Too Short, and so Further. To meet the second album, the audience was already prepared much better. Therefore, the disc “In My Lifetime, Vol. 1” (1997) easily soared to 3 line pop charts and much improved performance limited edition debut. Jay-Z has made every effort to appear before the fans in all its brilliance. Record full of duets with celebrities (Puff Daddy (Puff Daddy), Lil ‘Kim (Lil “Kim), and others.) And boasted a powerful team of producers and arrangers, including Teddy Riley. But even more important consequences was a conscious bid to pop-rap, which was spectacular and was seen more easily. A sharp departure from gangsta rap has increased the audience the artist several times. Key singles “Sunshine” and “The City Is Mine” vividly illustrated the winning pop-rap, which is easily punched his way to the radio and did not press listeners of the gloomy atmosphere that abounded in the tracks of the first album. For the oppressive attitudes had no place even in the most dramatic room, such as “Streets is Watching” or. “Rap Game / Crack Game” third Long-play, or rather (in the terminology author) – the second volume of his collected works “Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life “(1998), defended by gangsta rap even further It was not so much a personal expression of the will of the musician, as the demand of producers, focused on the commercial attractiveness of Jay-Z remained a man with a mass of internal conflicts, as can be seen, for example,.. the song “Cash, Money, Hoes”, recorded with the DMX. But its producers are looking for any loophole to inject spectacular elements, use the latest fashion techniques. it is a clash of contrasts has created some tension in his own way, too attractive, especially in singles, “Can I Get A … “and” Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) “. Both of these tracks were so popular that finished in the Top 20 Billboard rankings and just flooded the airwaves.
Continuing to appease the tastes of the general public and smoothing out the most critical moments in their autobiographical texts, the actor, of course, achieved the desired: “Vol 2:. Hard Knock Life” found more buyers than both its predecessor (in the US they have already more than five million) and easily topped the US pop chart, conducted on the first line of five consecutive weeks. A completely “varnished” the success of the disc Grammy Award, outstanding musicians for the best rap album. Since 1998, each new release of the rapper necessarily reached the first position of Billboard 200. This fate is not passed and the fourth album, “Vol. 3 … Life And Times Of S. Carter”, published in 1999. Enviable level of sales could be compared only with the brilliant composition of musicians and producers that are at different stages involved in the creation of the album. Almost every song was involved separate rapper or singer, but sound was engaged in a separate producer. It was the most pompous, and at the same time and the longest drive of his career. Fifth Long-play called “Dynasty Roc la Familia” (2000). Of course, it was a # 1 hit, of course, he became a multi-platinum, of course, a series of spin-offs of the breakdown of hit singles, of course, dominated by the collective creativity. On the Rights of the invited rappers featured mostly the best pets Roc-a-Fella Records: Bini Saydzhel (Beanie Sigel), Memphis Bleek (Memphis Bleek) and Emil (Amil). As regards producer responsibility, it was exactly the case when Jay-Z made a bid for the new for ourselves and not very well-known producers, but professionals with great potential in what soon all and were able to see. Over the sound of “Dynasty Roc la Familia” answered Kane West (Kayne West), JUST BLAZE (Just Blaze) and Neptunes producer team. That Neptunes produced the most brilliant lyrics from the album “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)”, which topped the rating of the hip-hop singles and was noted on the 11th place in the chart Billboard Hot 100. Shortly before the new Long-play ” Blueprint “(2001) on the rights of the rapper headlining show played a set on Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2001 in new York, where he first performed a new track” Takeover “. If he needed a scandal, he has made his. Violent attacks on Prodigy (Prodigy) from the group Mobb Deep, which he had allowed himself in the text, to complete the picture, accompanied by a demonstration of giant photographs of the young Prodigy in dance costume. Landscape track version enriched revelatory remarks and at another artist – Nesa (Nas). He was not a virtuous Christian and responded in kind by writing track “Ether” with pins against Jay-Z. Which, in turn, countered another rap tirade titled “Super Ugly”, which went through Prodigy. Needless to say, with some fans eagerly watched both musicians for this fight, which, as expected, served to both additional advertising. The disc “Blueprint” was not overlooked audience not just because of the showdown between rappers, but also the most banal reason – it had plenty of great songs, for example, one of the most hyped hits of the year “Izzo (HOVA)” (# 8 in the pop charts) or heavy track “Girls, Girls, Girls” (finalist of the Top 20). Breaking with the tradition of recent years, most of the songs presented on the album, the rapper performed himself, except for the duo with Eminem (Eminem) on the track “Renegade”. The album is the most honest, even intimate, with the debut disc “Reasonable Doubt”. The audience appreciated it. Some critics, summing up the year, called “Blueprint” the best album. Many people think that work in a creative apex of the rapper’s career. But the culmination of its relationship with the law, has long been difficult was the decision of the court, issued in December 2001, three years probation for beating that he paid the producer Lance Rivera (Lance Rivera) in the New York nightclub. Activity and fertility Jay-Z can only envy. With all your music and production workload he remained very popular rap artist and co-author for many years. His help in 2001 took the band Root
s, with whom he recorded a CD “Unplugged”, and he produced LP “Best of Both Worlds” in 2002 for a couple with R. Kelly. When it came time to do their own album and proved that he is ready for more than 40 new songs. 25 of which he presented on the double disc “The BlueprintІ: The Gift & the Curse” (2002). Although the release thought, logically, as a continuation of the album “Blueprint”, but left it less outspoken, and not so compact, but it was done on a grand scale and pomp. Home rate when the promotion was made on the cover of Tupac (2Pac) “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”, which Jay-Z performed a duet with Beyonce Knowles (Beyonce Knowles). It was only the beginning of his relationship with Beyonce. In the summer of 2003, he recited a rap for her hit songs “Crazy Love”, and six months later called her his bride. By this time the actor has determined that its new Long-play “The Black Album” will be the last – probably why black – chapter in his career. The album was released at the end of 2003, successfully led the US rating, and Jay-Z back his words and not taken. So far, he is determined to completely retrain as a businessman, not just music. There is still a new line Black Sneakers Reebok sports shoes for the company, as well as the autobiographical book “The Vlack Vook”. Whatever his musical future, the past achievements of Jay-Z by professionals highly appreciated. In May 2004, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) awarded him a special award Golden Note Award. It is awarded to artists who have the most powerful influence on the development of hip-hop and rhythm and blues. A worthy conclusion to the career of one of the most famous capitalists in hip-hop ..

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