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Jason Statham

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Jason Staten – English actor who became famous for the films “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” “Snatch”, “carrier” and others.

Jason Staten born September 12, 1967 in the town of Chesterfield, UK. His father was a lounge singer and illegal traders, and his mother – a street dancer. So Jason’s childhood can not be called satisfactory. He later recalled that while growing up in such an atmosphere, we can always meet lots of colorful characters, whose business lies on the other side of the law, and this helps him to play their characters. He grew up with the famous footballer Vinnie Jones, which later led to the movies, and he himself Jason played football for the school team. But his true passion was diving. He trained daily, which eventually came to fruition: a period of 12 years State was part of the British national team in diving and took 12th place in the 1992 World Cup. However, in an interview, he said that sport is more, was a hobby, and he earned while trading in a street market. In addition, Jason has studied martial arts.
A new round in Steytema life began when, in the late nineties, one agent noticed him while in London’s National Sports Center training, and offered to take part in an advertising campaign of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. So, after advertising jeans began modeling career Jason. He soon became a model for the brand French Connection. One day, fate brought him to British film director Guy Ritchie, who at that time was working on his first feature film and was looking for an actor for the role of the smartest street swindler. Jason impressed the director their difficult past and received the coveted role. The picture, called “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and waited for the success of the multiple positive reviews from critics, including about acting itself Steytema. In the second tape of Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” co-star for Steytema become stars such as Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro. In this case, the value of the character Jason in the movie grew as the filming. movie and game Steytema success opened him the way to Hollywood, where at first she appeared in a pair of not very successful bands, such as “Confrontation” and “Ghosts of Mars”, he got the role in the film “The Transporter”, which received a good response from the audience, after which it was It decided to shoot two more films as a continuation. But between shooting “Transporter 2” (2005) and “Transporter 3” (2008) Jason has played in a number of films, among which are the “Italian Job”, “Revolver,” “The Bank Job” and later with his participation were such films as “13”, “The Mechanic”, “No compromise” and “Professional” in which he starred with Roberotom De Niro and Clive Owen.

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