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Jason Bryant acuña (Spanish Jason Bryant Acuña; 16 may 1973, Pisa) – also known as the “Little man” (Wee-Man). Born in Pisa, Italy. Grew up in TORRANCE, California, where he graduated from the University. Despite his height is 1.23 meters, Jason has the status of a professional skateboarder.
Jason worked in the magazine “Big brother.” His ability to ride a skateboard despite its growth, helped to bring it to the attention of Jeff Tremayne, who later invited him to shooting video for the magazine. After this experience, acuña was invited to shoot the show “Jackass”.
The part in Jackass
First season
In the first series, Jason participated in the clip “Oompa Loompa” in which he dressed as umpa lumpa. He rode around town on a skateboard, surprising and frightening at the same passers-by. This role has become one of the most famous “faces”, which he had to play. Jason has frequently appeared in duet with Preston Lacy. An example is the episode in the third series showing the running from Preston to Jason. They were both wearing white briefs and t-shirts. Preston, running after him, patricial all sorts of cues such as “wait you bastard!”. In the eighth series, he, along with johnny Noxvile involved in the episode of “Agressive sledding” in which they dressed as reindeer and Santa riding on sleigh with urban landscapes.
The second season
In the first series, Jason is involved in the episode “Human red carpet”, which performs the role of the king. In this series, he rides a mini-bike along with Preston.
Personal life and character traits
Despite its growth, Jason was able to find a loving wife with whom he still lives together. Among children it is extremely popular. Additional materials for the film “Jackass Number Two” was shown the episode where Jason rides the bus to school. After he got off the bus with his turbulent emotions meets a group of children. Also acuña is the owner of the restaurant “Chronic Tacos” in Redondo beach, CA

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