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Jared Leto – American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, musician and artist. The piercing blue eyes, tattoo, participation in alternative film and music projects, numerous love affairs with famous actresses and models (met with Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan) made of summer the younger generation icon and ensure the glory of one of the most talented and unusual stars Hollywood. Despite his 40 years of age, Jared is still perceived by many as representative of the “young” Hollywood. Several times he was a member of the prestigious list of the “50 most beautiful people in the world” according to People Magazine. Vegan. The leader of the music band “30 Seconds to Mars», performing rock music. The director of music videos, which he takes under the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins. He is fond of snowboarding, skateboarding, drawing.
Jared born December 26, 1971 in Louisiana. As a child, the actor’s family moved a lot. Little Summer had to live in several US states, including Haiti, lived for some time with his family in a hippie commune. But this nomadic way of life was not confused Jared, who was an active and creative child. Interest in drawing and in acting has always supported his mother Leto – Constance. Summer has been repeatedly recognized that it was traveling and living in the community among artists, musicians, writers and free-thinking people just left a mark on his entire life.
As a teenager he began to earn the first money, having arranged a dishwasher and janitor. In his own words, society often thinks in stereotypes about teenagers, believing that all that interests them – this is goodbye, and create their own band. After high school, Jared has already decided that he wanted to devote his life to creativity, but did not start with an acting career, and with the painting. He enrolled at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and later transferred to the University of Fine Arts in the unofficial capital of America, New York. “Crying Joy” It was there that summer while still a student wrote and starred in his first film. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he decided to become a professional actor. Before we get to 1995, a role in the film “patchwork”, the actor became a “young talent” with one of the most interesting people because of the shooting of the series “My So-Called Life.”
Hollywood producers decided to bet on the young talent, and soon rolled out in such serious works as “The Thin Red Line,” “Urban Legends”, “Fight Club”, “Girl, Interrupted,” “American Psycho.” In these studies, summer is not afraid to try on the image unsympathetic sociopaths. But it did not affect his popularity and fame of bright and talented actor, whose filmography has not a cult film. In 2000, screens out the film “Requiem for a Dream,” where Jared played the lead role of a young heroin addict, showing all stages of personal and social degradation of their hero. Film has acquired the status of “cult”, making Jared’s one of the most promising actors of the 2000s. Then came the epic drama directed by Oliver Stone’s “Alexander,” which starred Jared from the first magnitude stars (Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell).
In 2009 came the film “Mr. Nobody”, which has received numerous awards and has been noted by critics as one of the most important phenomena of art-house cinema. Among recent works worth noting Summer “Lord of War” and “Chapter 27”.
Currently, the actor has positioned itself as a musician and is actively engaged in the development of their group (he even gave the names of his guitars – Pythagoras and Artemis). The band released several albums, toured the world with a tour called «Into The Wild Tour», and in 2010 performed in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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