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Janet Jackson – the younger sister of the famous Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson). The singer was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana. For the first time on stage touching the little girl saw America in 1977, when the baby Jen flashed in the series and famously danced in the tv-show with its older brothers, who were the Jackson 5 – the phenomenon of American musical culture. Father and manager Joseph Jackson decided to start her musical career, she is not particularly interested in the daughter of opinion on this matter. The first two albums “Janet Jackson” and “Dream Street”, written on the label A & M Records, with the active participation and leadership of her family, were weak, critics greeted them coldly, and the audience barely noticed. Janet was accused of lack of talent and trying to leave due to his name.

Therefore, after the release of “Dream Street” Janet completely refuses to work with the family and goes to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Talented Funk / R & B producers were asked Janet in the right direction, at the same time giving it freedom of expression. In 1986, Janet released an album with the speaker called “Control”, the girl brought the long-awaited success. A mixture of soul, funk, jazz, rhythm and blues – the album sounded fresh and did not have analogues in show business at that time. Particular attention is its staging and choreography attract top-notch video clips of the singer. In 1989, Janet released the album “Rhythm Nation” with a bright social color. It differs significantly from the “Control”, but keeps the specified style, adding a rap, swing, and blues elements. It is with this album, Janet begins to bind all of the material into a single fabric, stitching his short interludes inserted between songs. Seven songs from the album got in the top five Billboard Hot 100. This could not even his older brother Michael Jackson. “Rhythm Nation” entered the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time according to the magazine Rolling Stone. The first round of Janet recognized as the best debut tour in music history.

In 1991, Janet signed a contract with Virgin Records, which entailed drastic changes in her image. The singer turns into a mature performer, completely abandoning the “youth” of repertoire and style. In 1993, she released the album “janet.” ( “Janet, period”). Rejecting the names on the cover, Janet recalls that his success has made itself. On the album, there is hip-hop, rock, ethnic elements, “This time” is heard even opera. “Janet.” – Soft, sensual and adult plate, somewhat shocked listeners their sexuality. Then Janet starred in the first movie called “Poetic Justice” with Tupac Shakur. Debut criticized, but for the soundtrack to the film titled “Again” Janet received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe.

In 1997 he released the album “The Velvet Rope”, which Janet has recorded a long time, and being in a deep depression. Grim but brilliant and highly acclaimed by critics and audience work, full of reflection, personal experiences and spiritual quest. And in 2001, she released the album “All For You”. Despite the fact that Janet was going through hard times, the record turned out pretty easy, light and dance – when listening obvious that Janet seriously fascinated by R & B. Commercially the album was incredibly successful, but there was an opinion that Janet loses its uniqueness, trying to compete with a new generation of R & B-performers.

In 2004, during a performance with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl championship comes the infamous “wardrobe malfunction”: the singer suddenly appeared in front of fans with bare breasts. And did not understand whether this trick is planned, the public was extremely angered by it. In Janet’s career was nearly put bold cross. Several radio stations have withdrawn completely from their air of her repertoire, there were many conflicts, including the Grammy organizers. Many fans still have not forgiven Janet this oversight.

The next album “Damita Jo” and “20 Y.O.” Janet goes completely in R & B. Both albums were nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Contemporary R & B Album.” Both investigations are made and sold well, but the enthusiasm they have not caused. “Damita Jo” found it boring, vulgar and weak for such a star status, “20 Y.O.”, which became a kind of curtsey entire career Janet is not revealed in the end, nothing new and fresh. Needing a change, the singer goes on the label Def Jam Records and changes a production team. Participation in the creation of the songs she does not accept, even though the previous records have always been co-author of most of the songs. The result is a disc released “Discipline” in 2008, turned out pretty cool and surprisingly not too dance. Triumphant return, he did not, but it was much better than the previous two albums, what has pleased fans.

In 2009 came a collection of “Number Ones”, which became a kind of summing up. It has a new song “Make me”, has already become a hit, and the composition, ranked first charts the career of Janet. In 2010 he published the fourth film “Why Did I get Married Too?” with the participation of the singer, in which she reveals her more acting talent. In addition, Janet is working on a new album and writing a book.

Janet Jackson lives in New York. She is actively involved in charity work. About his personal life singer speaks little, but her experiences and life stages is easy to follow for her work, which she was always very honest and sincere. Behind two marriages, the first of which lasted only a year because of the bad habits of her husband, the second – nine years, and he carefully concealed. While working on the disc “All For You” Janet starts dating with her producer Jermaine Dupri, with whom the relationship is still going on. Periodically, there are rumors in the press about the disagreement, something about the upcoming wedding. Children do not have the singer.

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