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Jane Birkin

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Jane was born on 14 December 1946 in London. Her parents were David Birkin, an officer in the Royal Navy, and Judy gamble, comedienne. Jane graduated from Chinese school on the Isle of Wight.
He first tried his hand as an actress already at the age of 17, playing a deaf-mute in the play “Carving a Statue” by Graham Greene on the stage of London’s theatre Haymarket Theater. The vocal debut of Jane Birkin held in the musical “Passion Flower Hotel” in 1964. At the same time, she met the composer John Barry.
In 1965 Jane married John Barry, and in 1967 from this marriage a daughter, Kate Barry, now known as a photographer of celebrities. However, the Union of Jane and John was short-lived – in 1968, they divorced, and Jane with her daughter leaving for Paris.
At the age of 20, Jane attracted the attention of a wide audience, starring in the movie Michelangelo Antonioni “blow-up”. In 1967, the film won the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes festival. Her next film was the “Slogan”, during work on which she met Serge Gainsbourg. So there was one of the most fashionable and scandalous couples of the time. In 1969 they released the joint single “Je t’aime… moi non plus” (“I love you… I love you too, no”), final Birkin began to moan, and then fake an orgasm. Despite the fact that this track became the best-selling song in France in 1969, it was banned on radio stations in Italy, Spain and the UK.
In 1971, Jane recorded some backing vocals for the tracks in the new album of Serge Gainsbourg “Histoire de Melody Nelson”. In the same year, the couple Serge and Jane appears daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg (now a successful actress). And in 1973 Birkin released his own solo album “Di Doo Dah”.
In 1973, Jane starred alongside the former Muse of Serge Gainsbourg Brigitte Bardot in the film “don Juan 73” (directed by Roger Vadim, her first husband of Brigitte Bardot).
In 1975, the actress starred in the first solo film of her husband Serge “Je t’aime… moi non plus” (“I love you, I love you no more”). For his starring role in the film Jane was nominated for a Cesar award as best actress.
Since the mid 1970-ies Birkin paid more attention to his career as a singer than an actress: she released the album “Lolita Go Home” (1975) and “Ex-fan des sixties” (1978).
For all time of joint life with Serge Gainsbourg, Jane starred in more than ten films and has released four solo albums. Shortly before the breakup with her second husband, she starred in the film “the Prodigal daughter” of the Director Jacques Bayona, who soon becomes her new lover. And in 1982, from this Union is born Lou doillon. (famous model and actress).
In the 1990-ies, in addition to filming a movie, recording new albums and constant appearances, Jane has devoted himself to social work. She is involved in programs against AIDS, traveled to Bosnia and makes a film about a Filipino political prisoners.
September 9, 2004, she was awarded the national order of merit (L’ordre national du Mérite).
After his return to the theatre (“Théâtre des Amandiers”) in 2007 in Cannes, she presented her first feature film “Boxes” (Boxes).

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