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James Stewart

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James Stewart – Hollywood actor, a favorite of the public, the owner of “Oscar”. In the history of world cinema is recognized as the greatest actor of a bygone era. Over a lifetime, it was played about 100 roles in movies. Movies with Stuart still captivate viewers of different generations – is a “rope”, “Winchester 73”, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The man who knew too much.” In addition, James Stewart – military pilot, a veteran of two wars.
Jimmy was born in 1908 on May 20 in Indiana. Both parents of the Stuarts had higher education. Mom – a talented pianist, and Stewart’s father owned a hardware store. James, after graduating from high school, enrolled at Princeton University in the faculty of architecture, from which he graduated in 1932. Fate decided otherwise, not allowing Jimmy to become an architect. In his student years, Stewart aspiring troupe performed in theatrical productions on Broadway. For a few moments on stage before an audience turned his life, it was then that he realized that he would be an actor. Stewart became interested in theater, joined the troupe and played in every student plays so directly and funny, incredibly charming actor noticed cinema. Debut for Stuart was the film “Kill Specialist” was released on the wide screen in 1935, where James played a police reporter. In 1936, the ex-wife of his best friend, Margaret Sullavan, a popular actress, said that in the film “Once again we will love,” will be removed only with Jimmy. After the film he was noticed by director Frank Capra. With pictures of this talented man to James Stewart came widely known. 1939 – “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” an alternative name in Russian “Senator” – for this role for the first time Stewart was nominated for “Oscar”. It opened in Capra, Jimmy “the guy.” James Stewart carried the screen image across all of its work. In 1941, immediately after receiving the “Oscar” for the main male role in the film “The Philadelphia Story” Stewart admitted to the ranks of the US Army. The actor was raised in a family where reigned belief that worthy to serve in the army should be every man. James Stewart volunteered, and the entire Second World War spent in combat missions. He graduated from the Air Force colonel has it with the whole set of awards. Stewart retired only in 1968, with the rank of general. After the war, James Stewart played in the film by Frank Capra – “It’s a Wonderful Life.” For her, he again received a nomination for “Oscar”. In the fifties came the peak of his acting career. James appeared in the famous film by Anthony Mann and just a 4-reel of film Hitchcock’s “Rope,” “Rear Window,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and “Vertigo.” The images created by Jimmy Stewart, enthralled contemporaries. In 1959, the airport in Indiana began to proudly wear the name of the actor. In the early 70’s due to age Stewart officially bid farewell to the cinema. Although, sometimes I could not renounce interesting proposals: “Cheyenne Social Club of the city”, “Endless Sleep”. In 1985, the actor was awarded “Oscar” for his achievements in life. His last work was the voice of the animated series “Goof Troop” 1992-1993.
Life actor has developed very well. The marriage with his beloved and only wife, actress and model Gloria McLean he lived happily for 45 years, raising four children.
Actor died July 2, 1997 at the ripe old age – James Stewart was 89 years old. On the famous Hollywood “Walk of Fame” laid down his star.

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