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After graduating from school, Denton entered a local college, and then went to Tennessee University in Knoxville, where he received a degree in advertising with a specialization in television and journalism.
James Denton (October 20, 1963) is an American television and film actor, best known for the role of Mike Delfino in the television series Desperate Housewives.
James was the average of three children in the family of a dentist from Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating from school, Denton entered a local college, and then went to Tennessee University in Knoxville, where he received a degree in advertising with a specialization in television and journalism.
James’s father was closely tied with the local theater; Nevertheless, James himself did not show actor inclinations until twenty-three years; Then, on the bicentennial of Tennessee, he played the role of George Gibbs in the festive production of ‘Our City’; It was with this small role that his career as a lyceum began. At first Denton played at the local theater, then – in North Carolina, Chicago and California.
After a little acting experience, James returned to advertising; The next four years he successfully collaborated with two radio stations, and then – with the Nashville staff of the CBS channel; However, his soul wanted something completely different. After a while he returned to Chicago, in order to seriously engage in theater.
His first role in Chicago was Stanley from the classic production of ‘Streetcar Named Desire’, and the latter was the terrorist Beber in the French farce ‘Lapin Lapin’. Between these two roles, Denton became a member of the Griffin Theater and the Stroudog Theater Ensemble. The list of roles he played grew rapidly; One of them soon became one of the main roles in the world premiere of ‘Flesh and Blood’ (‘Flesh and blood’); Followed was the game and the musical party in ‘Night, when Hank Williams died’ (‘the Night Hank Williams Died’) and the role of a preacher from Kentucky Sea Si Schauers in ‘The Seers’. For the last role, the actor was nominated for the only Chicago theater prize – the Joseph Jefferson Award – in the category ‘Best Actor’.
After a small role in the series ‘The Untouchables’ (‘The Untouchables’) there were episodes in ‘Sliders’ and ‘Dark Skies’. Then Denton played a minor role in Moloney, and then took part in the pilot episode of the Los Angeles Medics series and in three movies – ‘That Old Feeling’, ‘Without a Face’ (‘Face / Off’) and ‘Primary Colors’ (‘Primary Colors’).
In 1997, Jamie was invited to a role in the television show ‘Pretender’ (‘Pretender’); Audition, he passed in the truest sense of the word on the way home – Denton was just returning from the promotional tour of the painting “This is an old feeling”, just released on video. At the audition, the actor came, not having the slightest idea of ​​what he would have to deal with, blindly.
On the pilot release of his own TV series ‘Hanley’ (‘The Hanleys’) channel ABC scored an incredible team – Barry Corbin and Rosemary; However, the series was literally canceled at the last minute – the leadership felt that the people wanted something more urban. Jamie was forced to forget about the vet from a small town, which was already going to play a whole season and return to the role of Mr. Lyle in the ‘Pretender’.
In the summer of 1999, Denton returned to the theater; He played a major role in the world premiere of the play ‘In Walked Monk’. It was still going on when the fourth season of the ‘Pretender’ was launched. The entire first month of filming, Jamie played two different roles over the course of the day – Mr. Lyle’s sociopath from Pretender – in the afternoon, and the polite, soft Stephen – in the evening.
When in the fourth season Lyle left in the background, Denton had too much free time left. The actor filled it with two new roles – in ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ (‘Two Guys and a Girl’) and in ‘Ally McBeal’ (‘Ally McBeal’).
Soon, ‘Pretender’ was again in the balance of the closure, and James again went to seek salvation in the theater. In the play ‘Asylum’ (‘Asylum’) in the production of the Yard Theater, he played ‘sick number one’. When NBC finally abandoned the idea of ​​continuing the “Pretender”, Denton first played in the “West Wing”, and then – in the Canadian projects ‘Pretender 2001’ (‘Pretender: 2001’) and ‘Pretender: The Ghost’ Island Of The Haunted ‘) – they channel TNT finally closed the storyline of the canceled series.
In 2001, Jamie returned to the ABC channel when Stephen Bokko invited him to the role of Judge August ‘Jack’ Ripley in the series ‘Philly’ (‘Philly’). The audience liked the new series, and considerable hopes were placed on the organic duo of Jamie and his colleagues Kim Delaney; There was every reason to believe that ABC will prolong the show for the second season. By a funny coincidence, Jamie got the news of closing the project when he advertised it in Australia. The last role of the outgoing, 2002-year for Jamie became a two-episode role in the popular television ‘Drew Carey Show’.

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