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Rebel James Dean biography Legends. Briefly.
Who has not heard the name of James Dean !? Those who are not familiar with the world kino..Dzheyms! everything that is connected with it excites me. So few movies are available for viewing, but can learn a lot watching them, and understand that it is a real discovery, a unique and unrepeatable person. It can be safely called a legend and an inspiration.
“You can not rely on death – if you’re afraid to die, your life is no place discoveries that you can do.”
James Byron Dean was born February 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana. Six years later, his father, Winton Dean threw a farm business and became a dentist, and Dinov family moved to Santa Monica, California. The family spent several years here, and in the opinion of others, James was very close to his mother. Michael DeAngelis said that “she was the only person able to understand it.” The boy was in Brentwood Public School near Los Angeles as long as Dean’s mother died of cancer when he was 9 years old. After her death, Dean went to stay with relatives on a farm in the city Feyrmaunt. He went to church, and made friends with priest James Di … Uirdom “between Dean and the priest there is a deep connection that arose when Dean was in the graduating class of the school and will last for years to come after that.”
At school, Dean was considered a mediocre actor, but has been successful in sports, basketball and baseball. After school Feyrmaunt May 16, 1949, Dean moved back to California, to his father. There he enrolled in Santa Monica College, secession law. He then transferred to the University of California, which is completely devoted himself to the study of the actor’s craft, sparking condemnation father. Dean was going to join the brotherhood “Sigma Nu”, but has not been dedicated. Studying at the University of California, Dean walked around 350 actors, and won the role of Malcolm in postanvoke “Makbeta”. By the time Dean has already started performing with the troupe James Whitmore. In January 1951, he gave up his studies at the University of California and began her acting career.
Actor career
The first appearance on screen was Dean in advertising Pepsi Cola. Soon, the young man received a role in the show, John «Hill Number One», as well as three tiny roles in “bayonets”, “Has anyone seen my little girl?” And “Sailor Beware”. The only role of the words was the last film «Paramount» studio, where starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis – Dean got the role of boxing trainer. In anticipation of roles, Dean earned valet parking on CBS studio and at this time met with Rogers Beckett – the head of the radio in an advertising agency, who offered Dean professional help and accommodation.
In October 1951, Dean moved to New York. There he begins to work on a platform game show Beat The Clock, incidentally appeared in several shows CBS – The Web, Studio One, and Lux Video Theatre, earning the right to become part of the legendary Actors Studio and study skills under the guidance of Lee Strasberg. With joy Dean wrote about his achievements family in 1952: “This is the greatest actor’s school work there mnoige great people – Marlon Brando, Julie Harris, Arthur Kennedy, Mildred Dunnock … Not many manage to get here This is the best that can happen to an actor!.. I am one of the youngest members of the team. ”
One of the early role was the role of the youth in the Omnibus series, very similar to Jimmy Stark and Cal Trask. Positive reviews for his role in the play in 1954 Bachir Dean opened the way to Hollywood.
In 1953, director Elia Kazan began the search for an actor for the lead role of Cal Trask in the film version of the saga of John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden.” Before filming began Kazan said he wanted to see in the role of Marlon Brando, but screenwriter Paul Osborn nominated James Dean, who endorsed himself Steinbeck after a meeting with the actor – himself an actor called negative emotions, the future Nobel Prize winner, but considered that the ideal suited to the role. Kazan himself believed that Dean’s candidacy puts the wheels in his statement. Whatever it was, April 8, 1954 Dean left New York and moved to Los Angeles to shoot a picture.
After successful ekranizatsiiSteynbeka, Dean quickly got the lead role in the film Rebel without a cause in the director Nicholas Ray. Youth drama about teenage rebellion, becoming a cult figure among adolescents, not only of his time: the game Dina is still a source of inspiration for the young actors. Together with Dean in the film starring the then young stars Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, and Dennis Hopper.
In the film Giant, Dean had a secondary role, they deliberately selected. Jett, Texas oil tycoon, in his old age. For this, James cut and repainted in a gray-haired. In the film, he played together with Elisabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The picture was the last movie in the actor’s career – for her, he got his second posthumous nomination for “Oscar” in the “Best Actor” category.
Personal life
William Bast was a close friend of James, and in 1956 became the first biographer of the actor. Bast was the room neighbor Dean at UCLA and later in New York. They had known for the past five years of the life of the actor. At the beginning of her acting career, Dean, when he signed a contract with the studio «Warner Brothers», the advertising department of the company began to spread rumors about Dean’s numerous links with the young actresses of the time, mostly clients of Hollywood agent Jimmy Dick Clayton. In a press release the studio even called Dean, Rock Hudson and TEBA Hunter “confirmed bachelor who has not yet come to that period of their lives when they are ready to devote themselves to a single woman, the actors say their filming schedules interfere with their plans to marry” .
The first such hearing became Dean affair with Italian actress Pier Angeli, with which James met when she starred in the movie “Silver” (1954) for “the Warner Brothers’ studio – Dean even exchanged with her some precious trinkets as a symbol of their love . According to rumors, Angeli’s mother did not approve of this novel, because Dean was not katolikom.V his autobiography, the film’s director for “East of Eden” Elia Kazan noticed that Dean was hardly a womanizer, mentioning “love affair” James and Pierre – he allegedly heard Dean and Angeli too noisy make love in his dressing room.
A very short time even the Dean exhibited to show your love affair with Angeli, fueling media and sharing with his colleague, actress Julie Harris, various details of their personal lives. Harris said in an interview that Dean told her, as if to unconsciousness in love with Andzheli.Kak Whatever it was, at the beginning of October 1954 Angeli unexpectedly announced her engagement with Vic Damone. A month later, Angeli married Damone and, as the press wrote that James Dean watched the ceremony from the road, standing with his motorcycle. In an interview with Basta Dean denied this rumor and assured that “would not engage in such nonsense.”
Pier Angeli spoke about this novel only once upominuv in an interview with a romantic walk along the beach, which she then seemed waking dreams, but no more.
Elizabeth Taylor admitted that she was in love with Dean. But their relationship was more mental and friendly. They often spoke from the heart, joke, or simply silent together enjoying each other’s company.
Homosexual “rumor. Actress Liz Sheridan claimed that she had a brief affair with Dean in New York. She also mentions in his memoirs that Dean was having an affair with Roger Brekketom, and gives her a negative evaluation of the homosexual Dean’s novel. This statement Bast also questioned, as Sheridan and Dean spent together is very little time.
Dean avoided the army, saying that he was homosexual – then same-sex attraction, the US government considered a mental disorder. When asked about their sexual orientation, Dean said his famous phrase: “Well, I’m definitely not going to live my life with someone’s hand on my ass”
September 30, 1955 a car driven by a James Dean collided at the intersection of Highway 46 and Highway 41 to the machine, which ran a student at the University of California. Death was instantaneous. It was a real grief to his fans. And from that moment Dean appeared doomed to immortality in the memory of all of us.

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