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James Patrick Caviezel – American actor, has gained international fame and recognition for talented game in the historical drama of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ» ( «The Passion of the Christ») (2004).
Amazingly beautiful, with piercing blue eyes, Jim Caviezel enjoys a reputation in Hollywood multifaceted actor, adhering to strict rules: flatly refuses to appear in his paintings and uninteresting in explicit scenes. Caviezel was born in the United States, in Washington, at Mount Vernon 26 September 1968. His mother was an actress, his father was engaged in chiropractic. In addition to James’s family had four children. While studying in school, James was recognized as the owner of the most enchanting eyes.
actor Caviezel’s career began for a small role. The debut was the role of serving airlines in the drama directed by Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho» ( «My Own Private Idaho») (1991). In this picture, James played on the same site with Keanu Reeves. Higher education actor received the University of Washington. With training acting, James did not work: he was invited to Juilliard Drama School, but by training, he refused, because he played a minor role in the film Kazdana “Wyatt Earp” (1994). In the same year, the actor met his future wife, Carrie, she, like James, a Catholic, is a teacher of literature and is known for good deeds: helping single mothers and is the founder of the camp for children with disabilities. For a long time the actor was not lucky with the roles: standing offers was not necessary to undertake a minor role. However, in 1998, finally, he was invited to a major role of Private Witt in the military drama, tells the story of the Second World War, “The Thin Red Line” (1998) ( «The Thin Red Line») directed by Terrence Malick. The Organization of American Film Critics National Society of Film Critics named “thin red line” the best film of the year. After this picture of a young actor, things went uphill.
In 1999, the brilliant director Ang Lee invited James Caviezel star in a sci-fi action film “Ride with the Devil» ( «Ride with the Devil»). In the same year, the director Oliver Stone called the actor to play in a movie about a fictional sports team “Every Sunday» ( «Any Given Sunday»). The fi thriller «Frequency» (2000) played a cop Kevizel Sullivan – depressed and lonely. On the film “Angel Eyes» ( «Angel Eyes») (2001), his partner was gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, from whom he demanded that she remained naked during their joint episode, because it might offend his wife. In 2002, James drew audiences and critics talented game in the adventure drama “The Count of Monte Cristo» ( «The Count of Monte Cristo»). Jim Caviezel became increasingly prominent, critics have noted an unusual game of the actor, his talent, unusual behavior in the frame.
However, the most significant role is the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ» ( «The Passion of the Christ») (2004). With this picture of the actor came to fame and international recognition. The role was given to James seriously – him twice struck by lightning, he was worried about hypothermia, skin is constantly irritated because of the multi-layered makeup and real lashes. In addition, he had to bear the real 70-pound cross.
Attracted the attention of mystical coincidences between the actor and his character: the initials of Jim Caviezel – J. C. – coincide with the initials of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ), and at the start of work on the “Passion of the Christ” actor was 33 years old.
This picture, of course, has become a new reference point in the film career of the actor. Critics noted undoubted talent and diversity Kevizela.
In 2004 the actor starred in the psychological thriller fantastic, Omar Naim, “The Final Cut” in the role of Fletcher, where his partners were Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino. In 2006, James starred in the sci-fi thriller “Déjà vu» ( «Déjà vu») together with Morgan Freeman, where he played a lunatic with delusions of grandeur.
The actor is married to Carrie nineteen years. Couple raising two adopted children: a girl and a boy from China. The boy – a serious disease of the brain.
His long-standing and warm relationship with his wife, Jim Caviezel explains that does not hesitate to apologize when wrong in the whole compromise.

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