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James Belushi

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The talented Hollywood actor James Belushi was born June 15, 1954 in Chicago. He was the third child of Adam and Agnes Belushi, Albanian emigrants living in America.
At a time when the future actor still went to school, his older brother John had already become famous as the best Hollywood actor-comedian. Parents are rightfully proud of the eldest son, and James doing its utmost to attract their attention. However, the ways in which he chose to do, were somewhat different: fights, petty theft, hooliganism … Family Belushi regularly received subpoenas, their younger son knew all the police districts.
Failures chased the boy and on the love front – his appearance left much to be desired, and gallant manners, which, oddly enough, could boast a young bully, did not cause his classmates nothing but contempt and misunderstanding.
In an effort to win success in girls and at the same time prove to everyone that he is in fact, the resourceful James decided to join the drama club, school chorus, and even courses on economics, where he became, to his delight, the sole representative of the stronger sex.
At school courses acting talented boy for the first time he realized that he could play no worse than his older brother, so the choice of specialization resolved itself – Belushi went to study at the University of Southern Illinois, where he soon noticed a well-known television producer G. Marshall and proposed role in the popular television series.
For the first sentence followed by others, but still managed to beat his older brother James. Producers perceive it only as an understudy celebrities and offered only the roles of John refused. James again threw all their forces to the competition, which put an end to the sudden death of John of a drug overdose in 1982 in the life of James, stunned tragedy started a black stripe.
However, practically dropping to the bottom Belushi finally manages a master. He began to work with renewed vigor, trying to drown the pain is not wine, and fatigue. The reward for hard work was the fame and success that rightfully went to the talented actor beyond brilliantly played the role in the film “Trading Places” (1983), “The Man with One Red Shoe” (1985), “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash” (1986), “Red Heat “(1988),” C-9 “(1989),” Curly Sue “(1991),” K-911. Dog Work “(1999) and many others.
Today, Jim Belushi continues to act in films and serials, and also often attracted to cartoon voice acting.
Having gone through a lot of trials, James Belushi finally achieved real popularity, and it is no longer needed to prove his uniqueness, because no one would dare today to doubt his talent.

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