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Jamie Alexander and Jamie Tarbush – American actress, best known as Jaycee of «Kyle XY» and Seth of «Thor», «Thor: The Dark World ” and « Agents of SHIELD ». In 2017, the actress planned to return to the third part of the trilogy fantastic “Thor: Ragnarok”.
Jamie Alexander was born on March 12, 1984 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. When she was four years old, her parents moved to Grapevine, Texas. In addition to her family four more boys: Jamie three older brothers and one younger. Secondary education received in school actress Colleyville Heritage High School. She participated in the school dramas. theater, but it kicked out, as the actress is absolutely no hearing. Goodbye to the actor’s craft, Jamie decided to appeal to the sport. For a while, studying at the school, she was engaged in the struggle.
When the girl was 17 years old, she is replaced by another meeting with scouts Agency, where she met her future manager Randy James, who began sending her scripts. This determined the future career Jamie: one and a half years after graduation she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. Her career began in 2003. She took the lead role of Hannah Thompson in the low-budget film “The Other Side» ( «The Other Side»). Initially, she did not even participate in the audition, but only helped by reading the text in the dialogues with the actors male. But her performance director Gregg Bishop heard and decided to try Jamie Alexander in the title role. The second role of the actress was the role in “Traps for proteins» ( «Squirrel Trap») in 2004, where she played a co-leading role of Sarah – the love interest of the main character David. This was followed by the role of a femme fatale Tammy in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia» ( «It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia»), which with the help of seduction manipulates one of the main characters. Jamie also had a small cameo in “Negotiators» ( «Standoff») series.
Then the actress was followed by a more significant role. She landed a role in the TV series “Follow me» ( «Watch Over Me»), played Caitlin Porter. In 2006, Jamie has performed the leading role in the horror film “Stop» ( «Rest Stop»), where she appeared in the image of Nicole Carrow. The girl runs away from home and embarks on a journey with her boyfriend, but the journey suddenly interrupts the deranged killer on the point of rest. 2007 also brought the actress Elizabeth Chambers, a major role in the horror film “The holy place» ( «Hallowed Ground»). Both full of character have a strong character and courage.
Fame Jamie Alexander came after starring Jaycee – girls with superhuman abilities in the “Kyle XY» ( «Kyle XY»). Her role brought the actress a large number of fans. In September 2009 it was reported that Jamie will act in the role of comic book superheroine Torah Lady Sif in the film Marvel «Thor» Association ( «Thor»). Actress coped well with his role and also sang this role in future releases of stories about the Torah.
In July 2010, Jamie, Alexander was invited to join the cast of the independent drama “Weeds» ( «Loosies»), and in the autumn of the same year the actress took part in the TV series “Nurse Jackie» ( «Nurse Jackie»). In 2011, she appeared in three episodes of the second season of “Secret Operations” (in another version of the translation “Secret Communication») ( «Covert Affairs»).
In 2015 it became known about the performance of actress Jane Doe main female role in the television series “Blind Spot” (in another version, “Blind zone”) ( “Blindspot”).
In his personal life the actress is happy in a relationship with a colleague in the film “Weeds» ( «Loosies»), Peter Facinelli. For actor Jamie Alexander left his wife Jennie Garth, with whom was married for 11 years and three children.

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