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Birthday: 26.02.1916 year
Age: 71
Place of birth: Brooklyn, USA
Date of death: 24.06.1987 year
Place of death: FL, USA
Citizenship: United States
Original name: Herbert Walton Gleason ml
American comedian, actor and musician, known for bold and cocky style of speech, especially in the way Ralph Kramden (Ralph Kramden) from the sitcom ‘the Couple’ (The Honeymooners). Most popular the role of Gleason in the movie Fat mn (Minnesota Fats) in the drama ‘Rascal’ (The Hustler, 1961) with Paul Newman (Paul Newman) in the title role, and Sheriff Buford T. justice (Buford T. Justice) in the Comedy ‘Smokey and the bandit’ (Smokey and the Bandit, 1977).
His penchant for delicious food, generously noritomo whiskey and beautiful women, the ability to dominate the room, on stage or screen, love tailored suits, shirts with monogram and obligatory red carnation in his buttonhole, and appetite to the biggest, best and dear – all this has become part of the legend, which began in one of the poorer streets of Brooklyn in 1916.
Herbert Walton Gleason, Jr. (Herbert Walton Gleason, Jr.) born February 26, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), but was already baptized as John Herbert Gleason (Herbert John Gleason). His parents were both Irish immigrants, and in 1925, barely the boy was nine, his father abandoned the family. Jackie raised by his mother, Mae Gleason (Mae Gleason), who died when he was 19 years old. Although Mei has succeeded to give his son a religious upbringing, and raised him a good Catholic, his chronic failures on the academic front, there was nothing she could do about it – Jackie was not a diligent student, but rather, the inveterate bully and a leader in his high school years. Since the age of six, when his father first took him to a musical, Jackie knew she wanted to be an artist, and the school was just an obstacle along the way. Teachers celebrated the day when Gleason dropped out of school.
In 1934, in the midst of the great depression, 18-year-old Jackie Gleason found steady work, performing in vaudeville and burlesco around new York and often giving two or three shows a night. He learned fast and soon became one of the most sought after comedians, including in the Broadway theatre, The Empire – which at first scared him shitless. The most important thing that Gleason learned then about his profession is that there are no fixed rules and scenarios, and he needs to rely only on yourself and your talent for improvisation. After his mother’s death Jackie moved to Manhattan (Manhattan) and continued to work hard, speaking to Jersey (Jersey), Brooklyn, Philly (Philadelphia) and the popular clubs of long island (Long Island). In 1936, he married Genevieve Holford (Genevieve Halford), and they honeymooned in The Empire. From this time he began to receive laudatory reviews in the press and offers to work in the rich clubs on posh Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue). Jack Warner (Jack Warner), one of the founders of the production company ‘Warner Bros. Studios’, seen the performances of Gleason and offered him a contract in Hollywood (Hollywood), from which he could not refuse.
By 1941, Jackie had two daughters, who remained with his wife on long island while he lived alone in Hollywood (Hollywood). The day he was shot, in the evening he performed in clubs, and eventually made eight almost forgotten films. Back on Broadway (Broadway), where he is adored, Jackie took a big step forward in 1949, when he played the lead role in ‘life of Riley’ (The Life of Riley) on TV. With this show began the triumphal procession of Jackie Gleason on the television screens of the country. ‘Show Frank Sinatra’ (The Frank Sinatra Show), ‘Cavalcade of stars’ (Cavalcade of Stars), ‘Best of Broadway’ (The Best of Broadway), ‘Studio One’ (Studio One), enjoyed a resounding success ‘the Couple’ (The Honeymooners), and finally ‘Jackie Gleason Show’ (The Jackie Gleason Show), which were intermittently in 1952-1957 and 1966-1970, and other personal Jackie TV show made him a star of the first magnitude. TV and sketch show as the best suited for his unique comic talent. On account of Jackie more than 50 roles in movies and television shows – he was almost to the end of life, releasing the last film, the Comedy ‘Nothing’ (Nothing in Common, 1986) in the year before death, already very ill. Gleason was also a talented musician who released about 50 albums.
In 1970 he divorced his first wife, moved to Florida (Florida) and ten days later got married again in Beverly Mckittrick (Beverly McKittrick), with whom he lived for 5 years. Three weeks after the second divorce, Jackie was married a third time, to actress Marilyn Taylor (Marilyn Taylor). This marriage lasted 11 years, until the death of Gleason.
In 1978, he underwent coronary artery bypass grafting in 1986 he was diagnosed with diabetes and phlebitis, but he knew that his condition is much more serious – he found more and liver cancer, and colon cancer. In addition, he drank a lot and smoked five packs of cigarettes a day. June 24, 1987 Jackie died at the age of 71 years, at his home in Florida.

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