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Jackie Chan – actor, director, producer, writer and singer. Best known for a variety of roles in action films, including “The Armor of God,” “Rush Hour,” “Rumble in the Bronx”, “Project A”.
Born April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong. His parents were poor, and according to some rumors they even offered to sell the child childless couple. While his parents worked for the French ambassador, their son spent a lot of time in the consular residence. As a child, Jackie was nicknamed Paopao, which means “cannonball”. He received it for his hyperactivity. And when the boy was six, his parents moved to work in Australia. First, they had taken his son with him, but soon returned to it and arranged in the opera school at the China Institute of opera studies. The next ten years, Jackie, following a rigorous and intense program, where he studied acting, music, dance, acrobatics, philosophy and all kinds of martial arts. We can say that the lessons were going all day with a break for sleep.
The debut of Jackie Chan in the movie took place when he was only eight years old. For the filming of the movie “Big and Little Wong Tin Bar” on one of the roles needed a trained boy, and Jackie went perfectly. Even after the movie has started and further acting career Jackie, as it began to frequently invited to bit parts.
At seventeen, Jackie Chan has completed a training program and began working as a stuntman and actor in the studio «Shaw Brothers». In this position, he often glimpsed in the crowd and in small roles, his first notable role was the film “Young Tiger”, “Fist of Retribution” and “Enter the Dragon.”
Thanks to its versatile capabilities, among them – the mastery of martial arts, acrobatics, as well as excellent plasticity, combined with acting talent, Jackie Chan from mid-70s began in large numbers to perform key roles in various movies, as well as participate in the formulation of complex stunt scenes. The most notable films of that period were “Stranger in Hong Kong”, “Superman vs. the East”, “Gimalaets”, “Shaolintsy” and “New furious fist.”
Later, there were such pictures as “To Kill with Intrigue,” “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” and “Magnificent Bodyguards” that seriously contributed to the growing popularity of Jackie in the Asian countries. But if before Jackie soon copied image is already famous Bruce Lee, then at some point, he decided to form a new image of the cast – good-natured soldier with unique ingenuity. And in that way, he fell in love with the bulk of the audience.
were film “Drunken Master” Among the subsequent successful works, “Project” A “», «Police Story”, “Armour of God” and “Race” Cannonball. ” Jackie Chan has always brought a subtle sense of humor in his characters, and did not undertake the role of negative characters. Famous actors outside of Asia is gradually growing. And after the movie “Rumble in the Bronx,” Jackie’s career entered a new stage. Soon we saw the light of such tapes as “Burn, Hollywood, Burn,” “Rush Hour,” “The police of the future”, “great”, “Shanghai Noon,” “Medallion,” “The Tuxedo,” “The Chronicles of Huadu: Blade of the Rose” “Around the world in 80 days”, “The Forbidden kingdom” and “Looking for Jackie.” Increasingly, Jackie began to act not only as an actor but also as a writer and director.
It should be noted that Jackie Chan sings alone in many of his films, as well as more than twenty released music albums. In addition, he is widely known for his charity work. Jackie Chan leads and business activities: he created his own brand of clothing and footwear, and also owns many shops and restaurants.

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