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In appearance jackals like small wolves or coyotes, and jackals largest take place between the fox and the wolf. Their snout is sharper than the wolf, but wider and dumber than the fox; dense body, the legs are relatively long. Ears are short, slightly wider apart than the foxes and rounded on the tops. Fluffy tail is almost a third of the length of the body and reaches the animal’s heels.
The fur is hard. Total color upper body – from the dirty-gray to grayish-red. To a large extent the general background flecked with black shade, sides painted lighter with much less with a mixture of black, but with the development of red tones. The underparts are whitish on the belly and yellow, and on the breast reddish-yellow. The tail is reddish-brown, with a black tip. The summer fur is a little shorter and rougher winter and its color more reddish. Body length of adults 60-85 cm, average weight 8-10 kg, tail length 20 to 30 cm.
Distributed jackals in Central Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Europe and the Middle East. In the CIS countries they live in the middle of Asia, the Caucasus, are sometimes found in Moldova. Jackals prefer dense thickets of reeds and shrubs on the plains, near lakes, rivers and seas. A bit less often they are found in the foothills of not higher than 1000 m above sea level, often live close to human settlements.
Most of all, the jackals roam family groups – flocks, and alone. A flock usually consists of two mothers of animals and a few yearlings, but it may be adjacent or casual young singles. There are a pack of up to 10 individuals. Jackals – sedentary animals, seasonal migrations do not perform, but sometimes it goes far enough away from their habitat in search of food, and there are in areas where there was a massive loss of livestock or wild ungulates. For shelters jackals usually use various natural recesses and niches, crevices between rocks, rarely burrows badgers, foxes, porcupines, sometimes dig their own.
Jackals are very clever and sassy predators. They are active mostly at night, but sometimes during the day. Before going out to hunt predators emit a loud howl, very similar to a high wail that instantly picked up by all the other jackals nearby. They often hunt alone or in pairs, sometimes in small groups. Predators cleverly creep to the intended victim and immediately grasp it, and hunting together, chase prey on each other. Search Jackals are prey trusya trot, sometimes stopping to listen and sniff. In places where there are large predators, jackals often follow them to eat the remains of their prey.
Ordinary jackals very easy to adapt to different types of food. Their diet consists of foods of animal and vegetable origin. Usually jackals prey are small animals, birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, fish, grasshoppers, beetles and other insects. Eat jackals many berries and fruits, including grapes, plant onions, melons, watermelons and sugar cane roots. Very often, the jackals eat at someone else’s expense. Belly carrion, they perform the function of a medic, which is very essential in nature. In severe winters jackals consume a lot of acclimatized nutria and wintering waterfowl.
Ghosn these animals begins in late winter. Pregnancy lasts almost two months. In litter there are usually 5-8 (occasionally 3-12) puppies. After 10-12 days they see and feed breast milk to 5-6 months. Multiply jackals in shallow burrows and dens. In the autumn the young pups become independent and begin to hunt alone or in pairs. Puberty young females reach a year, and yunnye males – two.
Mostly Jackals are hunted, although their skin is pretty poor quality. Life expectancy is 8-9 years in nature and up to sixteen in captivity.

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