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Birthday: 01.01.1992
Place of Birth: Stevenage, United Kingdom
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Original name: Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere

Jack Wilshere is a professional English footballer, playing the position of midfielder in London’s Arsenal and the national football team of England. To date, Jack is one of the youngest and most promising gammon players. So, on the field, Wilshere goes under 10 number, which means a lot for both his role and position in the match, and for the history of the club, where the honorable number of the midfielder was worn by the greatest stars of English and world football; for example, Robin van Persie and Dennis Bergkamp performed with a dozen on the back.

To date, Jack, perhaps, is not a superstar for world fans, but his teammates and rivals appreciate his talent and level of play. England captain Steven Gerrard admitted in one interview that Jack had an incredible ability – he can do all that is needed to win: he gives passes, scores goals, attacks the goal at any chance, and also takes protection seriously; finally Gerrard warned the fans that in the future Jack would be a loud name in the English Premier League. Wilshire and other soccer stars also highly value Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal team manager, called Jack “a player with Spanish technology but only an English heart,” and Brazilian star Dani Alves called him “A wonderful guy, a good player, whose level can already be compared with most players in the world’s leading clubs. However, Jack is known not only for his game: since childhood, he could not control his character, so that with the advent of money to make it even more difficult. Several times he was detained by the police, and at the end of July he got into the center of a scandal, when the paparazzi made photographs of a football player with cigarettes. Subsequently, Jack apologized and admitted that he should not smoke – both from a healthy lifestyle point of view and from a model standpoint for young footballers; he several times apologized for his bad habit and promised to throw in the near future.

Jack Wilshere was born January 1, 1992 in Stevenage, England. His parents, like the whole Wilshire family, have been hooked fans of the club ‘West Ham United F. C.’, but Jack himself had been wearing jerseys of their worst enemies – London’s Arsenal since childhood. The footballer started his career in ‘Luton Town’, but after one season he was spotted by scouts of his favorite team – ‘Arsenal’. During the next seven years, he trained on the basis of the team, and also participated in several youth clubs. Only in 2008, Wilshere signed a contract with the club’s main body and formally became part of it. During the first two years, Jack rarely appeared on the field, but, incidentally, managed to attract the attention of fans and coaching staff. In 2010, he went on a rental at Bolton Wanderers, and then returned to the team hungry for the game of the highest level.

In the beginning of the 2010-2011 season, Jack was called into the main football team of England, as it only acted with youth teams. As part of the team at that time, Jack became the 10th youngest player in the history of English football. We must admit that he was confident in the field, and he was not ashamed to fight the veterans of the ‘Lions’.

As part of the ‘Arsenal’, today Jack has played 90 matches for which he has become a key player in the midfield and one of the most dangerous players in the penalty. Jack himself, however, rarely scored goals, but productive transfers distributed in each match. He has spent only 20 matches in the colors of the national team, but has not scored a single goal. In 2014, he entered the 2014 World Championship bid in Brazil, becoming part of the young English team, which many analysts promised a great performance. Unfortunately, for the English people the tournament was not very successful, but for young players it was still the brightest experience in their soccer life.

Outside the field, Jack combines the roles of the soul of the company and model father. In conjunction with his girlfriend, Lauren Neal (Lauren Neal) was born two children. Several times the player got into the scandals: yes, in 2011, he quarreled with a taxi driver who was a tricky fan of ‘Tottenham’, and in 2014 he was spotted with cigarettes, after which he was forced to apologize for submitting such a bad example to follow .

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