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Jack Grazer: Biography
The second film incarnation of the novel by the master of horror Stephen King “It”, shot at the Warner Brothers studio by the Argentine director Andres Musketti, in an instant became the event of September 2017. The first film version – a mini-series with the same production name of the studio “ABC” – less rigid in terms of effects and “horror”.

“Horror” was released in early September and captured viewers of all age categories. The cast of horror – teenagers who took the first steps in the film industry. The lucky ones who embodied King’s horrors are Jack Dylan Grazer. For the guy of the film drama “It” – the sixth work in the movie, the most successful. Today, the young artist knows the whole world.

Jack Grazer was born in the early fall of 2003, in Los Angeles, the city where Hollywood stars are lit. Parents – Gavin Grazer and Angela Lafever – had nothing to do with the world of cinema, which did not prevent his son from becoming an artist. However, Jack had an example to follow: his uncle Brian Grazer – a famous American film producer, who gave the industry 35 years. For his work on the biographical melodrama “Mind Games”, he was awarded an Oscar, three times nominated for a statuette as a screenwriter and producer.

Jack Grazer’s desire to make a cinema as brilliant as his own uncle appeared in his early years. The artistic biography of the artistic boy started at a junior school when he first appeared on the stage in an amateur play. Soon the talented Jack, who was not shy of hundreds of eyes staring at him, was noticed by TV producers. Parents and uncle supported the young talent with kind words and advice.

American viewers first saw Jack Grazer on television in 2014. The boy made his debut in the comedy series directed by Adam Scott “The Greatest Event in the History of Television”, playing the son of the protagonist. The project starred Paul Rudd, Gillian Jacobs and Catherine O’Hara, known to a wide audience as Kevin’s mom from the Christmas Home comedy “Alone at Home”.

The debut was a success, and the following year, a 13-year-old artist appeared in the Piff-Paf comedy tape, directed by Ben Berman and Pete Levin. Jack Grazer got the role of Kayden Ackerman.

In the same year, the teenager was involved in the episode of the 90-minute horror “City of Monsters”. The film consists of ten stories, united by the theme of the Halloween meeting. In America, “horror” was seen in October 2015, the premiere of the film in Russia took place in mid-November. Jack Grazer played a young stranger who appeared on the night street is not the best time.

Glory came to a teenager when he was 14 years old. Jack Grazer starred in Adam Wilts’ fantasy “Scales: Mermaids Are Real,” released on cinema screens in December 2016. On TV, the film is broadcast from the beginning of 2017.

But the young American woke up not after a mermaid story, but with the release of the horror film of Andres Musketti “Ono”, filmed in the first part of the horror novel Stephen King’s “It. Club Losers.

Seven schoolchildren who formed a “club of losers” are outcasts in their midst. For various reasons, each of them fell into the number of losers. A nerd, a Jew, a redhead, a bespectacled man, a sissy, a black man and a fat man – each of the children has his own sad story of discrimination. High school students are bullied by everyone, trapping after lessons for new bullying. Children have problem families and parents, who have more problems than support.

To survive in the little hell, the guys come together. Jack Grazer played Eddie Kaspbrak – one of seven losers. Unknown evil, terrorizing the town, even more closely rallied the company. Bill Skarsgard dancing clown Penny in the performance of Bill Skarsgard terrifies the inhabitants of the town of Derry, Maine. Children who are found dead and disfigured disappear, and the police is powerless.

The “club of losers” alone confronts an unknown evil. The heroes of Jack Grazer, Sophia Lillis, Jayden Liberer and Finn Wulfard are united in danger. The four are joined by the characters Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Chowsen Jacobs.

In the first weekend after the premiere in America, box office cash from watching the “horror film” amounted to $ 50 million. The project budget of $ 35-45 million paid off in a week. In September, the Warner Brothers project broke records and became the highest grossing in the history of the film company. Young artists, including Jack Grazer, woke up famous.

In the international box office “It” did not disappoint the creators. On the aggregator reviews “Rotten Tomatoes” film scored 84% of positive reviews. In late September 2017, the film company announced that the film version of the second chapter of Stephen King’s novel will be released in 2 years, in September 2019. Director Andres Musketti lifted the veil of secrecy, saying that the second part will take the event 27 years ahead.

Shooting the sequel Musketti promised to begin in the spring of 2018. Jack Grazer will be involved in the sequel, like the other guys from the seven “losers”.

Spectators speculate that other actors who have aged 30 years old heroes will play. But the producers will not give up the current stars of “It”: young actors will be involved in flashbacks with memories of the period when they were children.

Personal life
On the set of the project, the guys got close. Jack Grazer’s Twitter and Facebook pages are rapidly gaining popularity, the number of subscribers is multiplying every day. Jack Grazer’s friendship with Finn Wulfard and Wyatt Oleff was transferred to real life. Teenagers relax together after filming, fooling around between takes, and sometimes during filming. Proof are the joint photos on Instagram, posted by each of the three.

The height of the 14-year-old Jack Grazer is 1.60 meters, the weight is unknown. The boy is growing up, he has expressive brown eyes and a childishly sincere smile. Fans of Jack and Finn suspected that romantic feelings arose between teenagers. But there is no evidence that Grazer and Wulfard are gay. Most likely, the fans wishful thinking.

In his spare time, Jack Grazer enjoys surfing. After meeting with Finn, Jaden and Wyatt, the guy catches the wave in a cheerful company of colleagues. Grazer loves the history of Instagram, a remarkable detail of Jack’s style – a baseball cap backwards.

Jack Grazer is now
In 2017, the fans of the young actor saw him in the comedy project of director Dan Kopelman “I, Again I, and Again I”, where Grazer played the young Alex Riley. The premiere of the tape took place at the end of September 2017. This is a funny story about the three periods of the life of a hero named Alex Riley. Jack Grazer appeared in the first period – in the 1990s, when Riley turned 14 years old.

40-year-old Alex was played by Bobby Moynahan, and the 65-year-old was John Larroquette. Evidence of the popularity and demand of the artist is his employment in the film industry. In 2018, Felix van Groenginen’s drama “The Beautiful Boy” will appear on the screens, where Jack will be seen in the form of 12-year-old Nick Sheff.

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