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Ivana Baquero

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When Bakero was 11 years, Director Guillermo del Toro (Guillermo del Toro) chose her as the female lead roles – Ophelia – military fantasy ‘pan’s Labyrinth’ (‘Pan’s Labyrinth’). The young actress not only received good reviews from critics, but also was awarded ‘Goya’ from the Spanish Academy of arts and cinematography in the category ‘Best new actress’.
Ivan Baquero Macias was born 11 June 1944 in Barcelona, Spain. Bakero studying at the American school of Barcelona, his hometown. The actress speaks fluent English and is fluent in Spanish and Catalan languages.
She played a few small roles in several films before have received wide recognition due to shoot in an unusual picture of ‘pan’s Labyrinth’. The most notable role before in her career to assume the role of Mandy in a horror movie, Balaguero Jaume (Jaume Balagueró) ‘Fragility’ (‘Fragile’), where the main role was played kalista Flokhart (Calista Flockhart) and Richard Roxburgh (Richard Roxburgh).
Bakero also appeared in the horror film ‘Romasanta: Hunting the werewolf’ (‘Romasanta’) and a fantastic horror movie ‘Rottweiler’ (‘Rottweiler’) on the robot-Rottweiler catching a fugitive. In addition to larger screens, Ivan did not disdain the TV space – and agreed to shooting the Thriller ‘the Christmas story’ (‘Peliculas para no dormir: Cuento de navidad’) and the drama ‘Maria i Assou’.
Around 1,000 young Actresses Baquero was chosen for the role of Ophelia. When Director Guillermo del Toro, known for such projects as ‘Mutants’ (‘Mimic’), ‘blade 2’ (‘Blade 2’) and ‘devil’s Backbone’ (‘El espinazo del diablo’), first saw her with curly hair and bottomless dark eyes, he instantly realized that she was perfect for the role. Initially the role of Ophelia was intended for 8 year old girl, but the script was amended to fit in perfectly at that time 11-year-old Baquero.
After Ivan received 5 awards for her role in the film ‘pan’s Labyrinth’, she was approved for the role of the second plan – 15-year-old Paloma – in the historical drama ‘the anarchist’s Wife’ (‘The Anarchist”s Wife’) about the time of the civil war in Spain. Premiere was held on 26 June 2008.
Recently Ivan has played a major role – Louise James in the horror film, Luisa, Berdejo (Luiso Berdejo) ‘Damned’ (‘The New Daughter’), which starred Kevin costner (Kevin Costner). It was her first American role. Finally, in 2010, Bakero took part in the dramatic short film ‘Absència’ together with Nina Agustí (Nina Agustí).
In 2012 Bakero should be involved in the family tape ‘Keeper Of The Pinstripes’ the role of Mary Reyes.

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