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Isaiah Washington is a popular Hollywood actor and producer, known for the films “true crime,” Clint Eastwood, the film “Romeo must die”, “Welcome to Collinwood”, “the Ghost Ship”, “Out of sight”. Also known for his roles in the spike Lee films “Girl No. 6”, “Pushers”, “Kruklin”, “Get on the bus” and the television series “grey’s Anatomy”young
Isaiah was born on 3 August 1963 in Houston, Texas. The boy was named in honor of his father, whom he lost at age 13 – the head of the family was killed. The boy grieved the loss of his father, but he managed to cope with grief and to finish school. After graduation Washington entered service in the US air force. Giving back to the Motherland, Isaiah enrolled at Howard University.
In the world of film Isaiah began to appear, initially in small roles. In 1991 he starred in the melodrama “Just business.” Then there were the films “the Color of love” (1991), “On the rocks” (1993), “Stonewall” (1995).
February 14, 1996, 32-year-old Isaiah Washington married Jenise Marie garland, who subsequently bore him three children (Isaiah V, Half and Eamon).
Isaiah Washington early in his career often appeared in Director spike Lee in such films as “Kruklin” (1994), “Pushers” (1995), “Get on the bus” (1996). In 1996, the year he played with spike Lee starring role in the film “Girl No. 6” tells of a young black actress who wants to make a career in New York, but after a series of setbacks turns into the operator of the service “phone sex”. New job forces her to understand herself. And Isaiah plays in the movie store thief, which affects the fate of the heroine.
In 1998, the year Isaiah Washington appears in a small role of Kenneth in a Hollywood blockbuster with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney “Out of sight”, about the love thief and an employee of the Prosecutor’s office. The film received two nominations for “Oscar”.
In 1999, the year Washington became a partner of film star and Director Clint Eastwood in his new movie “Real crime”, dedicated to unfair murder charges. The next year, the actor has appeared in the title role in the blockbuster Andrzej Bartkowiak’s “Romeo must die” (2000) with Jet Li, which brought him massive popularity. The film was nominated in four categories of the award “MTV”. In 2001, the year of Isaiah again played the Director Bartkowiak in his detective Thriller “exit wounds” (2001), again nominated for the award MTV.
In 2005, Washington was called to the role of gifted cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Preston Burke in the medical drama “grey’s Anatomy”. This role brought him two awards of the National Association of advancement as outstanding actor in a drama series and screen actors Guild award nomination the United States. Interestingly, for this part of Washington was included in the list of the sexiest men and the sexiest doctors on TV.
However, two years later a successful appearance in the show with popular actor broke a contract. Unofficially, the reason for such a serious decision became public the conflict between Washington and the other actor playing the doctor, T. R. knight. At the request of the knight, Isaiah called him “blue” than the insulted knight, and expressed their homophobic attitudes. Although Washington repeatedly apologized to the society and even joked that “he loves gay people and always wanted to be gay”, the producers of the show did not forgive the scandal.
The actor reacted emotionally, saying, “what’s he mad as hell”. Washington announced a break to do charity work, appeared in small roles in serials. And in 2012, the year of Isaiah became the main protagonist in the independent drama Russ a Pair of “Shepherd”.

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