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Isabelle Adjani

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French actress.
She was born June 27, 1955 in Paris.
Children and youth Isabelle Adjani took place on the northern outskirts of Paris, where she lived with her parents in an apartment, obtained by the social security authorities. Adjani father Mohamed, a native of North Africa, held a small car repair shop; mother, housewife, was a German by nationality. In high school she actively participated in school plays. At fourteen, she was invited to star in the film “Little collier”, and two years later – in the movie “Faustina summer or red.” Then it was the turn of television. Directed by Roger Vadim he offered her a role in the film “The Secret of the Flemish”, and Raymond Rouleau has engaged for the TV show “School for Wives”, where she played Agnes, with extremely successful. Even before the show saw the television audience, Isabel noticed actor and director Robert Hossein. He took her with him to the city of Reims, where the National People’s Theater. Garcia Lorca staged the play “The House of Bernarda Alba”. Working under the guidance of director Robert Hossein was very useful for the aspiring actress. Inveterate theater-goers enthusiastically spoke about playing Isabelle Adjani. On it draws the attention of the director Jean-Paul Roussillon, which planned to put the Moliere “School for Wives” at the Paris Theater “Comedy Francesi.” And very young girl, almost still a teenager, without any stage of education, except for a short practice, never enrolled in any of the many theater schools, suddenly becomes a full-fledged actress one of the most famous theaters in France.
After the “School for Wives” Isabelle Adjani played the role of a nun Marie-Françoise in the play “Por-Ruayyal” Montherlant, and then she was invited to participate in the play “Ondine” by French playwright Jean Giraudoux famous director Raymond Rouleau. This was for Adjani, have prize-winning “Suzanne Blanchet,” not only additional recognition of its bright talent, but also a confirmation of the fact that in the theatrical firmament old “Comedie Francaise” new star shone.
Direction “Comedie Francaise” offered Isabelle Adjani twenty contract. Any other actress in her place, of course, both hands would have jumped at such a favorable and flattering offer, and even more so if it is Adjani, had a solid professional education. But Isabelle decided otherwise. The reason for this was the invitation of François Truffaut for the lead role in “The History of Adele H.” film. Famed director happened to see Adjani in one of the TV programs, and has delighted the extraordinary charm of a young girl. Truffaut instantly caught the full force of its charm, its inherent natural intelligence and, above all, a special effect on the viewer. Through participation in the comedy “Slap” Claude Pinoteau Adjani in 1974 soon became known throughout the country. However, only a picture of the “history of Adele H.” allowed to fully disclose her amazing acting capacity, to secure for her role of romantic heroine, strong and passionate woman that can withstand hard blows of fate sometimes.
Cinema was for Isabelle Adjani Owned by one sphere of activity in which she tried to understand and express true feelings. And because each proposed scenario it is evaluated primarily in terms of its contents to their creative aspirations.
She starred in over 40 movies and television in France,
Germany, Spain, UK, USA.
In 1997 he was Chairman of the International Jury
Film Festival in Cannes.
In addition to working in a movie playing at the theater, he recorded a music album.

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