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Irish Terrier

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On the Irish Terrier walks for many years one kind of showing that this dog is a faithful guardian of the poor man, a great friend of the farmer and the favorite of every gentleman. So whether it is in fact, be able to know closely examined photos of the Irish terrier and studying the nature of this type of flooding representatives.
The story of the Irish terrier
It is hardly necessary to begin to tell the story of the emergence of the Irish Terrier since 1875, as is done by many researchers. You can in fact dig a little deeper to find the ancestors of the brave dog. Most likely, he came from a wolfhound. The similarities observed them striking and documents proving such relationship, almost none. That has to guess where they came from in the Irish county red dog. Even in the 18th century wheaten dogs were many peasants. Animal helped people cope with herds of horses.
1875 opened the breed at the show, but there happened so that just appeared, it was possible to fly directly to Olympus? Apparently not, which once again proves that the dog, though in a slightly different form, but for many centuries existed. A year later, in 1876 followed by a new exhibition in Brighton, which attracted even more attention to the Irish Terrier, and in 1889 the dog was presented in the palace of Alexander.
Changes over time appearance of the dog species, different classes offered him a person. Irish Terrier, nicknamed the red devil is the best helper on the hunt. He is drawn to hunt foxes, deer, roe deer. He easily able to get out of hiding otter or badger, podsterezhet partridge or lift up a flock of ducks. It does not stop the fact that production is sometimes larger than it. Without human prompts, using his own mind, he fearlessly climbs into a hole or follows in pursuit, to fold to a host with a trophy.
In wartime, the Irish Terrier was used as the main assistant medics, signalers. Sappers took him to the field to search for mines. In peacetime, it can be seen where looking for drugs.
Description of the appearance of the breed Irish Terrier
It seems that in the external appearance of the Irish Terrier is nothing supernatural, but closer inspection, even on a photo you feel a certain power of attraction, which says that a breed unique.
Description terrier can start with the story of his coat. Irish sunny saffron, which has such an unusual color, visible from afar. Wool is endowed with amazing properties. It is so thick and tough that water slides off it. Dirt in a fur coat, too, does not stick: it is enough to shake the dog’s body and all the dust, dirt, shake down.
All the dog’s body is covered with thick, tough wool cover. Hairs densely adjoin one to one. At the head of hair a little shorter than the other parts of the body. Ornament Irish are a mustache and beard that are sure to bristle at it in different directions. Coat color usually red, although permitted tan wheat or yellowish-red color.
The body of Irish proportional and harmoniously folded. It is crowned by a long head with strong jaws. The head is connected with the body of a high-level neck to the shoulders which becomes slightly wider than the top.
Eyes are planted shallow. They have a distinctive dark brown color. The bright irises in the breed are not valued and are flawed.
The tail of the Irish terrier, apparently never took advantages of the breed, so most of it is docked. It remains about a third of it. This process is directed upwards. He never twisted and on the back is not.
At the withers the adult reaches a height of 48 -. 49 cm weighs a pet up to 12 kg.
Character and habits of the Irish terrier
Appearance Irish tereraVryad Is there somewhere in the world a reckless dog than the Irish Terrier. It ignores any danger and always show their determination as soon as possible. A dog with such a character always wants to achieve something. When she goes to the goal, it is completely focused on the conceived and generally cope with the task.
Such traits as generosity in behavior, simplicity of life and momentary recklessness, had inherited from their ancestors, some inexplicably intertwined together. They have no way to change, so you need during training and when dealing with the dog to form its habits, given that the animal is still in the presence of such qualities as courage, boldness, endurance.
Live Irish Terrier adapts in a city apartment and a country house. The conditions of life leave their imprint on the character of the dog. The apartment it will be more calm, sedate. If the pet is living in a house where there is a large yard, it will be more high-spirited and fun. He often becomes so active that easily jumps the fence installed. With Irish home and the Protection of the territory it is necessary to think before he starts to try to overcome it.
Break free, noble aristocrat need to forget about all the ordinary decencies and enjoy running. Dog Irish Terrier are the daily jogging. Not on a leash with a man, and in the open space or at least master the bike, which can easily overtake as speeds up to 40 km / h.
Caring for a dog
Irish Terrier is virtually maintenance free, since his hair does not absorb dirt and wet. If so it is necessary to wash your pet, it is only when absolutely necessary, when it is really to get covered in mud, while on the hunt.
Combing his thick hair can be thick brush. Gently comb his mustache and beard, starting with the tips, so as not to bring unpleasant pain.
Since shedding the animal there is little, twice a year, you can perform trimming. Because wool is exempt from the dead hairs and the simultaneous improvement of the skin. Run correctly trimming for the first time can be difficult, so it is better to trust a dog expert. In the future, two times a year is possible to carry out this procedure mandatory for the Terriers.
In addition the dog is absolutely necessary:
Trim the nails (once a week)
Cut hair, freeing pads on paws
Brushing your teeth, ears,
Wash paws field trips (especially in winter)
Flush eyes
Relations between the Irish Terrier and others
In spite of all his folly, Irish surprisingly belongs to a family in which he lives. He loves all, without exception, and is ready to take care of them. If necessary, he will go for a walk together, if necessary, he will quietly wait in a safe place until he would call the owner. For small children it feeds not only love, but also cares. Alien to his he had not let, and if he sees a danger not only to roar, and pounce on the offender.
Most Irish Terrier dogs do not like strangers. It is worth to him while walking to see a suspicious animal, he immediately will throw his drive, and then start a fight can therefore deduce pet on the street should only be on a leash.
Do you want to have a dog at home, be sure to ask about her ancestry and verify compliance. For all the virtues of the breed, not everyone can afford such a friend’s house. Irish Terrier is not recommended for those who can not pay him a lot of time for daily walks. Older people, too, are not always able to cope with his upbringing.

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