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Incredibles 2

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Year: 2018
Country: USA
Directed by: Brad Bird
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, Raymond Ochoa, Sarah Wowell

Parry’s family decided to temporarily retire, because not all people chose to be saved. The head of the family even managed to sue the court, which caused resentment and disagreement. Now Mr. Exclusive got a family, because why help people, causing their discontent. Instead, he spends time with his wife and three children. Yes, and try on a superhero costume, he certainly will not – he is hopelessly small. True, a couple of years ago had to attend to saving the city and residents from the villain. Then the super family coped with the glory, the villain could not conquer the world, because it was defeated. Now there is no glory, but calm and tranquility reigned in the city for a short while. The planet is again in danger, and this time Mr. Exclusive will take over the whole family. It’s time for the heirs to find out what their father is doing outside the house. He does not get used to being in the right place at the right time to prevent the commission of a crime or the onset of an accident. Miracle abilities were discovered by chance, he applies them in exceptional cases.

Helen and Robert Parra always stand guard over the good, despite the difficulties and obstacles that stand in their way. Unique abilities help them resist any enemies, no matter how tricky and sophisticated they may be. On the authorities or the rule of law does not hope, not often, they only prevent superheroes from using their forces. Let the government now forbid the Parr family from using their unique abilities, but parents have talented children who will do everything for them – they need only help them a little. They will have to prevent fires, catastrophes, theft. No one is going to obey the authorities unconditionally, when the happiness and the future of ordinary people are at stake. It becomes clear that the police are powerless against the new villain, but the younger generation of the Parr family intervenes.

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