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Ice Cube – an icon of hip-hop and a movie star. American rapper, actor, producer, writer, director and composer. Thrice nominated MTV Award for Best Comedian and actor duo of work in the films “Next Friday,” “macho and nerdy”, “Friday”.
Ice was born with the name O’Shea Jackson (O`Shea Jackson) June 15, 1969 in Los Angeles, the family gardener and hospital employees. “Ice Cube” (as translated alias Aisa Cube) began writing songs in the style of gangsta rap with 16 years. In the 18th five he had already collaborated with the legendary Dr.Dre, releasing joint songs and wrote lyrics for a rap group. Ice with Dr.Dre N.W.A. became a member of a group that was popular in the hip-hop environment, but at 21 is already out of its membership. Ice began a solo career and has not lost – alone, he made no less recognition, thanks to its otvyaznym rhymes.
Along with the career of rap artist Ice Cube began acting in movies. For the first time the well-known rapper called on screens at 22 years: in 1991 directed by John Singleton confirmed him for the lead role in the drama “The boys from the street.” Ice played a tough black guy from South Central, known as Donut, who lives in a black neighborhood in Los Angeles and is rotated in a world of anger, drugs and crime. Unlike his brother, he could not say goodbye to this world. The film was a runaway success, in particular, twice nominated for “Oscar”. In addition, the tape was able to collect about 57 million dollars with a budget of just six and a half. Aisa debut in the cinema was a happy one, and Cube continued to develop rapidly in the film: “Violation of the territory” (1992), “The Glass Shield” (1994), “Higher Education” (1995). Unhappy with the black muzzle actor and soon won a moviegoer.
In 1995, the 26-year-old actor himself wrote the script pattern, which assigns itself a major role – the film “Friday”. This home comedy, which takes place on Friday in one of the districts of Los Angeles – in the same black South Central, where two friends accidentally smoked “weed”, intended for sale, and they have to go in search of $ 200, they are now required give the drug dealer. The film with a budget of 3.5 million collected more than $ 28 million.
In the 1998th 29-year-old actor he made his debut as a director – Ice presented a comedy drama “strip club” of their own scenario. This second scenario work Aisa tells about the life of the peace club, who unexpectedly becomes the epicenter of gang warfare. The tape was pretty successful, having collected more than 23 million dollars with a budget of 5 million.
This was followed by no less successful picture Aisa – “Next Friday” (1999), which acted as the Ice sostsenarist, producer and starred. For acting work in “Friday” and “Next Friday” Cube he was nominated for MTV, but did not win the nomination. Subsequent years Ice successfully combined his career as a rapper and actor, starring in comedies weight. One of the most notable works of the actor can be called a role in the action comedy “Macho and Botan” (2012), where Cube played Captain Dickson.
In ’44 Ice Cube continues a successful solo career and remains an important figure in the American hip-hop. Despite the fact that in the harsh rap at the Cube image on the screen, he often appears as a friendly good comedy actor and often produces just such a tape. “Hip-hop – it’s my real life. Acting – simulation. Cinema – a fake life. If I make a family movie, it does not mean that I am quietly and can not do hardcore rap. Many people go to the movies to escape, for this shoot such films and to escape from reality, “- says Ice.

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