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Ian McKellen – British actor and movie theater, a brilliant performer of Shakespeare’s repertoire, multiple winner of the prestigious theater prize Olivier, worldwide known as the wizard Gandalf in the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”
Sir Ian Murray McKellen was born May 24, 1939 in the town of Burnley Lancashire, United Kingdom. My father Ian was a famous engineer, and at the beginning of the war he was sent to work in a mining town in the same county of Lancashire, where he moved with his family. Already in school McKellen showed genuine passion for play-acting, with a special love, the boy enjoyed the creations of the greatest English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. After school, Ian went to Cambridge, where he also actively participated in the productions of the student theater, playing Shakespeare. After leaving Cambridge in 1961, McKellen began his professional acting career in the theater in Coventry, Coventry’s Belgrave Theatre, and three years later he moved to the London stage. In 60-70 years, Ian McKellen has played in almost all the plays of Shakespeare, for which he received in 1991 the knightly Order of the British Empire. In 1981, McKellen has received international theatrical award “Tony” for his brilliant portrayal of Antonio Salieri in the Broadway production of “Amadeus.”
In film actor began acting in 1966, starting with small roles in the films “David Copperfield” and “The Promise.” The really big role for him was (and again Shakespeare!) Richard III in the film of Richard Lonkreyna scenario of the same Ian McKellen, based on the theatrical production directed by Richard Eyre 1990. Action moved from the last quarter of the XV century in 1930 – the crisis of the British monarchy and the world due to the spread of fascism. The film received mixed reactions and was nominated for “Oscar” award. McKellen himself presented the award by the European Film Academy as the best performer of male roles.
American audiences McKellen name was not really known until the mid-90s. But after the Briton appeared in several notable films, interest in it has increased. In 1997, the actor received the prestigious Film and telepremiyu “Golden Globe” as a performer best supporting actor. McKellen played by Nicholas II in the miniseries “Rasputin”. He then starred in the role of director James Whale in the film “Gods and Monsters” (1998). For this work, Ian was nominated for “Oscar” in the “Best Actor” category. For the second time in the “Oscar” McKellen was nominated for the transformation into the wizard Gandalf in the film fantasy “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001). Without a doubt, Ian McKellen afford different kinozhanrov: Shakespeare, comedy and blockbuster. In 2000, the actor appeared in the role of Eric Lensherra – Magneto in a fantastic action movie “X-Men” pro-mutant humans based on the eponymous comic book. The commercial success of the film has surpassed all expectations, were removed to continue, and the British actor has received millions in fees to which he added considerable sums earned during the shooting of the three parts of “The Lord of the Rings.”
In addition to the brilliant acting talent British actor known for his non-traditional sexual orientation. At the age of 49 years, he has the whole world in the BBC television and radio broadcast, he announced this. Member of gay parades, it is considered an icon of the gay movement, it protects the rights of homosexuals in the UK so that they feel better in this life. However, the actor seems to have tired of this responsibility: “I have enough time carry the burden of the symbol of the gay movement. And it’s not an easy job. I want a quiet life, I want privacy. But at the same time, I can not stay away from it all to one side, as both already so full of people who are indifferent to everything. ” In 1990, Ian McKellen became one of the first openly gay awarded knighthood. As Knight said freshly baked in an interview – the decision to award him the title of knight was one of the last actions taken by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her office. “Do not throw your work, if you really want it to do for a few hours with my girlfriend or because you do not want to miss a family holiday. Related understand! Just about anything not regret! “- A kind of farewell to the youth from the eminent Sir Ian McKellen.

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