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Ian Holm – English actor, best known for his roles in such films as “The Fifth Element”, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” “The Day After Tomorrow.”
Ian Holm Cuthbert was born September 12, 1931 in the town of Gudmeyz, United Kingdom, in a family with Scottish roots in Jean Wilson (nee Hill) and James Harvey Cuthbert. His mother was a nurse, and his father – the psychiatrist, who was one of the pioneers of the method of electroshock treatment. At Ian also had an older brother Eric, who died in 1943. Later the family moved to Worthing, where Hill became a member of the local amateur dramatic society. One day, waiting for the appointment with the dentist, Ian met with the actor and manager Henry Beyntonom, who helped him to enter the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, but a year later he was forced to take a break from their studies to serve in the British army, where he received the rank of corporal. Hill has long been a popular stage actor before in 1968 he made his debut on the big screen in the film adaptation of the play by Anton Chekhov “The Cherry Orchard.” Since then Ian has been actively act in films, it can be seen in the drama “Artisan,” melodrama “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a military musical “Oh, what a lovely war,” the comedy “beheading” blockbuster “Juggernaut”, adventure melodrama “Robin and Marian”, the thriller “shout at the devil,” war drama “Young Winston” action adventure “The Man in the iron mask,” fantasy “The thief of Bagdad” historical drama “Les Miserables”, the movie “Alien” horror ” Save the “Titanic”, the military drama “All Quiet on the western front,” an adventure comedy “Bandits in time”, sports drama “chariots of Fire”, a historical drama “Inside the Third Reich,” the drama “The Return of the soldier”, a biographical melodrama “Fairy child” , a fantastic drama “Brazil”, military biography “Henry IV: Battle of Agincourt,” the crime drama “Dance with a stranger,” melodrama “Hamlet”, a detective drama “Wetherby” thriller “Kafka”, the drama “The Other woman” blockbuster ” Blue ice “, a historical detective story,” The Hour of the pig, “” Frankenstein, “a biographical drama” The Madness of King George “a horror movie, the drama” Big night “adventure detective” Loch Ness “crime drama” night Falls on Manhattan “drama” Glorious future, “melodrama” Less familiar life, “the thriller” Existence “, the drama” Simon Magus “melodrama” Pretty Boy Joe “horror movie” Save and Protect “and” From hell, “the drama” The Aviator, “fantasy” The Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring “and” The Lord of the rings: The Return of the King “, the drama” garden State. ” Also, Hill starred in the TV series, it can be seen in these telenovelas as “Theatre in the chair”, “Games on Wednesday”, “War Rozov,” “Game of power”, “Omnibus”, “play day”, “greatest mysteries” “Napoleon and love”, “Benjamin Franklin”, “Holocaust”, “The Lost boys,” “True-stories”, “Timeline,” “Chillers”, “Presentation”.
Holm was married four times, but the first three ended in divorce. His third wife was actress Penelope Wilton, but the couple divorced in 2001. At the moment, he is married to the artist Sophie de Stempel. Ian also has five children, three daughters and two sons – Jessica, Sarah Jane, Burnaby, Melissa and Samantha.
In 2001, Hill was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer today had a complete remission. In 1998, Ian was knighted for his services to drama, he is also the owner of the prizes the Cannes Film Festival and the British Academy.

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