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Artist and animator Alex Preston team collected and money on Kickstarter to create the game, which he had long dreamed of, “two-dimensional hybrid Diablo and the Legend of Zelda, in a classic pixel style.” At first glance, Hyper Light Drifter around the aims in the old days: the interface, graphics, even story – literally everything is subordinated to the principle “the ascetic, the better.”
The catch is that the developer at the time it was a necessity related to hardware limitations, so each “simple” game element has been carefully honed and polished. The absence of such experience Preston team sometimes severely hampered.
However, here it is necessary to clarify immediately: Hyper Light Drifter is the only one of its kind. But as the work of the artist – not as a game.
Here, for example, filing stories. Always we thought that From Software is supplied plot hints and allegories? Compared with Hyper Light Drifter any Dark Souls – clear and detailed book, a novel by Jules Verne.
The team from the outset did not want to see in the game are no texts and numbers – even the rare dialogues then fed pictures. The end result is debatable. On the one hand, when a Hyper Light Drifter still manages to convey the idea, without saying a word, it is a surprisingly neat.
But these moments of almost do not explain the global picture. For example, if you have not watched a Kickstarter campaign to, then you do not even know that the main character – a stalker (drifter, «tramp”), which is looking for high-tech rare artifacts and sells them to merchants. Even more difficult it is to understand what happened with the main character and what the hell’s wrong with the world. And there’s the matter? Maybe he’s always been like?
Stories occupants do not even appear in the form of a comic book (there are no words), but as separate images.
If you wish to YouTube and forums, you can find quite a few successful attempts to put the plot Hyper Light Drifter into a coherent theory. The problem is that it is necessary to find special monoliths (a lot of them), figure for key clues that the symbols they carry some meaning, to find a transcript and has further build on transfers. Otherwise, you risk so do not understand.
Those crumbs of history that you are caught without a purposeful archaeological excavations, is not enough for it to make any conclusions. In addition, digging here and not half as interesting as in the From, – primarily because Hyper Light Drifter leaves are not so many hooks, indicating that dig even worth it. Much like last year’s Titan Souls, her world is permeated by a sense of emptiness. And while all around noise and moves, and through the village in the center of the map roam the NPC, it is unlikely that someone there really ever was alive.
The plot Hyper Light Drifter largely shows the way of life of Alex Preston – the main character is looking for a cure for an unknown and terrible disease.
At least it is not necessary to explain anything about the grenade, here and so everything is clear: to pull the strings – is heard a boom.
Communication is lost
However, in some places innuendo plays Hyper Light Drifter at hand. You throw in the world that you really do not know anything: no plot trails, no arrows or directions – in Hyper Light Drifter, I again felt so rare delight of self-study. Secret locations almost more than usual, almost all suspicious places, seemingly hiding places, in the end, and truth are established, and while behind them the reward is low (battery for pumping and rare reports of the past), the joy of discoveries that did not decreases.
The world itself reminds the world of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – in the center of the map is the town from which diverge four locations. To the north are snowcapped mountains with birds, west meets the mysterious purple forest, in the east, including water, otters inhabit the tribe, and in the south, under the ground, hidden secret laboratory.
Of course, in all these places no one is waiting for you – the road will have to break through. Battle remotely resemble, say, Bastion: offsuit sprint toward the enemies, and the hero is rapidly worn around the screen, elegantly cut them in pieces. Really elegant: instant spatial jumps charting a course between predictable, but many attack patterns and two-three decisive blows putting almost anyone. Each hit – both by you and the enemies – to the account, and therefore have to monitor the situation perfectly. Sensations delicious. In theory.
The ruins can be found the remains of the ancient Titans, once defeated – with great difficulty and at great cost.
Somewhere past the enemies, you can run, but most of you will not be released until you have straightened with several waves of enemies.
Glooming situation management and impermissible for quick slasher limit of 30 frames per second. For the first time, failing to perform a jerk with a simultaneous blow, I blamed my hand curves. After the third climbed check gamepad, after the tenth began to suspect that the problem is with the game already. The sight is sometimes sticks in place, the hero is an abrupt stop in the middle of a breakthrough, charged sword – freeze in one position. Situations where the expected response comes at a critical millisecond later than expected, and at all common.
For a game where the outcome of the battle depends primarily on the reaction rate, a character too often allows himself to get out of control – press a button, waiting to get a result, and you get the other, because of what you have time to ram a huge aggressive Bulbasaur. Not until the end honed management does not kill all the Hyper Light Drifter, but it generates a lot of things when you want to rant and rave. Then the game can learn from Enter the Gungeon.
In half the cases the attacks are simply not seen the boss character. Ay, where I do now? Top? Bottom? Look under the weight of the purple or black silhouette? However, it does not matter – I still have died.
Seething irritation gently smoothed out the soundtrack from Disasterpeace, known in music Fez. The majestic, powerful, steel bits ambient fills all space, envelops and carries with him. On the screen, jump, shoot, waving swords, but the music is always a doomed calm. In fact, what twitch? All foregone conclusion.
Despite the contrast, the picture and sound Hyper Light Drifter form a delightful harmony. Alex Preston suffers from a congenital heart defect, and this game is meant to be an allegory of illness of the author, beautiful, sad, thoughtful. But here’s the ironic: a metaphor went deeper than expected and highly artistic nature Hyper Light Drifter at times lack of precision it spoils the game mechanisms.

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