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It has long been a person to the hyenas has developed a negative attitude. Previously we believed that this animal inhabits the devil – it can hypnotize a person. In the writings of some ancient Greek philosophers can find evidence that human hyenas dig graves and eat the corpses.
Supposedly worth looking into their eyes, or if the person “diabolical beast” step on his shadow, a man falls into a stupor and could not defend himself. In ancient times, earnestly believed that before eating prey, this predator does with her “adultery.”
And if these myths have long no one believes the myth that the hyena is a hermaphrodite exposed only in the middle of the last century. The fact that the female has a very large clitoris that looks like a penis. It was thought that these animals can change their sex several times in his life.
Currently in the world there are only four types of hyenas. In the photo below you can see the external features of each of these species.
In Asia, the most common striped hyena. She lives in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and especially a lot of it in India. Earlier there was quite common in Central Asia, but now almost disappeared.
She avoids the neighborhood with a person – it does not see near settlements. Also, it is not in the highlands. Do not dwell in it and the forests. Her favorite places – deserts and semi-deserts.
Striped hyena – strong and hardy predator! The length of her strong, stocky body may exceed 100 cm., The weight of adult males is 80 kg. Females weigh slightly less. Height – not more than 0.8 meters.
On the shoulder there is a “mane” of long hair. Very long hair, but it is very rough and sparse. The hind legs are shorter than the front.
Different types of hyenas have their own characteristics hostel. For example, spotted live in large flocks, the number of which can reach hundreds of individuals. This pack is a danger to all living beings who live in the habitat of the spotted hyena, including the king of beasts – a lion.
Brown hyenas live in families, sometimes several families together in clans.
Striped also integrates into the family, which consist of a male, female and their young over the years. One family throughout life takes a strictly defined area. The boundaries of the site labeled feces and urine.
At their site they spend all the “free” time. Here they rest, hide from predators (for this they have a lot of holes), bask in the sun, take food.
Striped hyena – nocturnal predator. So in search of prey at sunset, twilight, and can hunt until the morning.
It can be attributed to an omnivore because it eats anything that can be eaten. This orderly desert eats carrion, eat berries, vegetables, fruit. Often he gets on the plantation and detrimental to farmers. He likes watermelons and other melons.
This small animal Cape hunting family has excellent hunting skills. He attacks all animals without exception, which can overcome. From his teeth die set of ungulates.
In just a few seconds, the striped hyena can reach speeds up to 60 km / h and run at a rate of at least 3 km. Therefore, to break away from it rather difficult.
Once these predators overtake prey they seek to topple it and immediately begin to eat. And often eat animals caught alive, because they do not stifle them, so that they continue to live for some time.
In the hungry time for yourself striped hyena tries to eat everything – from the victim’s skin to her bones. They are very powerful and developed jaws, capable of a bite, even large bones of the buffalo.
If possible, their prey, they are trying to move to your site, and small animals to hide in the den.
On his clean care is not much – they pose a very sharp, unpleasant smell of rotten meat. The same applies to their site to which it is impossible to come for the same reason.
Upon reaching the age of three hyenas begin to reproduce. In the northern parts of their range, he starts in January. In the south can take place at any time of the year. “Southern” females are capable of bringing to light calves three times per year.
Pregnancy in Cape hunting lasts three to four months. So, spotted and striped hyenas, this period is about 90-95 days, the brown – about 100, from earth wolf – 90 days.
In one litter a puppy usually 2-3, rarely 4. Educate them male and female.
Hyenas, jackals and a very timid animal, but in some cases can attack humans. These animals are carriers of rabies.
At night time, they can attack the sleeping shepherds in the field, enter the village and kidnap young children sleeping on the street. Such incidents have taken place in Azerbaijan. While credible evidence that they were hyenas, no. In India, there were precedents when the predators attack the man even in the daytime.
Injured animals are deadly because they can cause very deep wounds, crushed bone.
But it is also known that these animals are easily tamed and behave quite peacefully in zoos.

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