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Hunter Killer

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Year: 2018
Country: USA
Directed by: Donovan Marsh
Main roles:
Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Toby Stevens, Taylor John Smith, Gabriel Chavarria, Michael Nyuquist, Common, Michael Trukko, Ryan McPartlin

The US Navy is involved in the strategic operations of the military headquarters. A special submarine is designed to prevent attempts to invade enemy ships or armies into the water spaces under their control. Suddenly, the crew of the Hunter Killer submarine has to act as a direct participant in a secret mission. The president of another superpower is seized by a treacherous entourage. An unusual situation can lead to horrible consequences. The rebels are going to take over the management of missile complexes and other military installations ready for attack.
It is useless to negotiate with the rebels, because the cunning leader of the uprising was hiding in the close circle of the defeated leader, because he knows all the political loopholes. The usurper is trying to rein in his overseas colleague and force him to surrender his positions. But the US is not going to lower its head in front of a miserable upstart. The captain of the submarine is called to participate with the team in a rescue operation designed to free the captive president of Russia from captivity. Selfless submariners challenge the dishonest Russian general, who dared to cross the road at once to two influential figures of world politics. A risky mission may start a war, but the brave captain will try to carry out a mission of global scope.

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