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Hugo Weaving – Australian actor, known for his roles Agent Smith in the trilogy “The Matrix”, Elrond in the film adaptation of the best-selling trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, the V in the film “the V – for Vendetta.”
Born in Nigeria, April 4, 1960. Together with his brother and sister, he spent his childhood in South Africa: their work brought it to his father, an employee of a computer company. When Hugo was a teenager, his family moved to England, and then finally settled in Australia. From school boy wanted to become an actor, so immediately after graduation went to the famous Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. He tried to work in the theater and in the cinema, but luck turned to face him at once. As a student, he worked part time at the port, dragging bags of coffee.
“I started working immediately after acting school and has experienced many periods when work for me was not in the theater or in the movies, that at some point stopped worrying about it. I just knew that it would take a couple of months, and on the horizon, sure that something will be “- recalled Hugo. “There were times when we could not buy vegetables for dinner, but I never get depressed and tormented himself with thoughts:” I’m a loser, I have no prospects, I’m a goner. ” I do not plan my career, I do not like to think ahead. ”
In the last year the novice actor got his first significant film role – in the Australian drama “… Maybe Now” (1981). Then Hugo played the role of an English captain in the mini-series “Bodilayn” (1984). Demand for Weaving gradually grew, the year he did not sit without a job. In 1989, 29-year-old actor played a duet with Nicole Kidman in Australian melodrama “Bangkok Hilton”. Successful 1991 became for him, when the screens came the drama “Proof”, where he was on the set of the partners were Russell Crowe and Genevieve Picot. The picture was a success and won the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in one of the categories. In the same year he was awarded the Hugo awards from the Australian Film Institute Best Actor of the year. Become a popular outside Australia helped him comedy “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” (1994), where he is, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp performed the role of the three hapless transvestites. “The director of the film, Stephen Elliott – my good friend. We were familiar with him and before he worked as an assistant director in a project where I was shot, and we went every morning on set together. When he came up with the idea, he discussed it with all your friends. The script appeared in front of us. I, too, became a fanatic of the project and asked him to give me at least a minor role. At first he wanted to invite these transvestites, and then suddenly offered a major role to me … I immediately agreed, “- recalls the actor. The picture went to “Oscar”, where Hugo has attracted the attention of American directors. However, only a few years in Australia, Weaving received an offer from Hollywood, which made him a movie star. The role of the enigmatic Agent Smith in the blockbuster “The Matrix” (1999) not only brought him worldwide fame, but also agreed to financial problems. Actor secured the success, starring in the role of Elrond, the elf in the film adaptation of the trilogy of John Tolkien, “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001) and its sequels. Hugo entered the Super League and the actors are often filmed in Hollywood, although prefers to live in Australia. One of the most popular blockbusters with Weaving – «V – for Vendetta” (2005), where he performed a duet with Natalie Portman.

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