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The main protagonist of the series “house of cards” Frank underwood. He’s a very ambitious politician that is configured to obtain the position of Secretary of state. Long work in government has made Frank one of the most influential people in the United States.That’s why when Garrett Walker decides to run for President, he turns to Frank for help. If Walker will get the right position, Frank will be able to take the post of Secretary of state what he wants for several years.
All the forces trying to create for Garrett Walker a reputation as a competent and self-confident politician, Frank achieves success, and soon his business partner takes the right position. That’s just politics — the same thing that you can’t trust anyone. Frank convinced of this from personal experience when he learns that the new President rejected his appointment to the promised post.
Now that Frank has fulfilled his part of the deal, he was furious. Together with his wife Claire, he thinks a sophisticated plan of revenge that would not only desecrate the reputation of Walker, but also to deprive him of his post. However, to go against the President too dangerous, especially if in government you have not only friends, but enemies. The ambitious project Bo Willimon shot immediately, since the first season. The series has become so popular that even the American President has repeatedly admitted his sympathy for the plot.
In addition to behind the scenes political intrigue, the audience can expect a lot of interesting characters. For example, Peter Russo, occupying the honorary position of Congressman, will make the audience speculate about the reasons for his addictions to alcohol and heroine Kate Mara’s Zoe Barnes will trigger a range of emotions, ranging from hatred to deep sympathy. Journalists, politicians, their wives and mistresses, employees of security services of the President and the leaders of the administration — all these characters to be subjected to cruel material on the part of the writers. And if the viewer wanted to look behind the scenes of the political world, knowing what’s going on after the debate and election in a huge, luxurious offices, the TV series “house of cards” gives a good opportunity to do so. Hardly to someone from the characters will have deep sympathy, but the plot is clearly thought-provoking.

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