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Hot Dog

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When and how did the hot dog is not known. One thing is clear: it happened long before the invention of disposable tableware buyers and hot sausages and hot dogs from carts and street vendors complained that they are uncomfortable – and raring. Then sellers began to offer hot dogs on bread and later a piece of bread was replaced by a more convenient oblong Bun.
It may have occurred in the nineteenth century in America. But Europe disputes in the United States in honor of the invention of hot dogs, some researchers find evidence that people invented the hot dog in the homeland of the sausage Germany. So, inhabitants of Frankfurt celebrated the 500 anniversary of the invention of the hot dog in 1987.
Why “hot dog”
In this issue there is also a version of unity. Someone says, and it is widely believed that hot dogs were originally called “dachhund”, which means “fee”. Because the sausage looked like a Dachshund. And the name “hot dog” was invented by cartoonist tad Dorgan, and he also rooted it by mentioning in one of his cartoons.
According to another version, the term “hot dog” was given to us by the students of Yale University in the late nineteenth century. Sausage rolls, named in honor of the dogs that were surrounded by a bevy of sellers vans fast food.
Regardless of who invented it, and all that as the name of the hot dog remains the most popular dish in America and in other countries like and often eaten at sporting events and on picnics. It is convenient and easy: muffin, sausage, some vegetables (optional) and gravy, usually made of mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise, but there are options and different combinations.
Despite this simplicity, the hot dog has many different variations. It is prepared in different countries, even different States of America have their own hot dogs.

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