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Horse head is elongated, dry, with large, lively eyes, wide nostrils and large or medium size, pointed and very mobile ears.
Neck long, muscular horses;
The torso of the horse rounded.
The horse’s legs high, of moderate thickness, slender; first and fifth toe absent, 2 and 4 exist only rudiments (rudiments) in the form of rod-like bones, pasterns and hocks (the so-called. slate), adjacent to the large metacarpal or metatarsal bone of the highly developed middle finger; the hoof will only put the tip of the middle finger (resting on them and therefore the entire weight of the body); on the inner side of the wrists and heels are calloused thickenings of the Horny bumps (Horny places are also behind the place of articulation of the finger with the upper parts).
Simple stomach, no gall bladder, cecum strongly developed.
Testes enclosed in the scrotum.
The uterus is bicornuate, the placenta is diffuse.
The brain is relatively small, and the hemisphere of the brain (covered with brains) do not cover the cerebellum. Mental abilities, however, are quite high.
Of the senses is best developed hearing, then sight, and finally, the sense of smell.
Related here wild animals live in herds, usually small, from several females led by a male, mainly in the steppe areas, characterized by high speed and caution.
The horse has on the body hair of various lengths: short, dense – covering (wool), long hair bangs, mane and tail – a protective and long sparse hair near the lips, nostrils and eyes – tactile. The color of this hair determines the suit. To the old horses, like humans, turn gray. Changes the intensity of color of hair and for the seasons: in winter, lighter in summer darker.
The horse reaches an average age of 25-30 years, among some breeds pony meet animals surviving to 40 years.
Growth of horses depends on the breed, nutrition and caring. The better feeding and care, the larger becomes the horse. The total mass of domestic horses have a height of from 150 to 175 cm, ponies from 120 to 150 cm.
The young are bred in Argentina horse breed falabella, whose members grow up to 70-76 cm
The average weight of a pony is 100-200 kg. and legkoobratimy Large riding horses weigh an average of 400-600 kg. heavy Draft breed can weigh 700-900 lbs. the heaviest horses are Shires — 1400 kg

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